A Few Rules For any Man who Vacations in Pattaya, Thailand

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This video contains a few rules for any man who vacation’s in Pattaya, Thailand. These are a few rules, or suggestions I have put together for anyone, especially men, who plan to take a vacation to Pattaya, Thailand. If you follow these simple rules, I can guarantee they will minimize your problems.

Never tell anyone how much money you make

Forget the three-date rule

Never take someone you don’t know to you place of residence

Use the electronic safe in the room. It is there for a reason!

Pattay’s ecosystem is made to take your money. Know that going into your vacation, and you will have already won a small victory.

Making travel vlogs like this are why I love being an expat in Thailand.

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26 Replies to “A Few Rules For any Man who Vacations in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. Gaz

    Safe problems… Owners and staff can know the over-ride code etc. also stuff goes missing from safe – PROVE it… you need to be able to PROVE what has gone missing you actually HAD and PROVE was in that SAFE and even then you are going to struggle.. they aint just gonna pay you – forget it and no point getting angry and making threats – they will have you locked up by police for such so not only have you lost your stuff you in jail too… best thing to do is have stuff in different things hidden or get a bank account there if can…

  2. James Log

    assuming i put all my stuff in the hotel electronic (password) safe, do you leave your homebase hotel key with the reception. cause if you carry it around someone might know where your base hotel is and thieve you up. or is leaving the key with the front desk equally risky cause of untrustworthy hotel staff?

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