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The languages of South-East Asia have a great number of native speakers. Yet so little is known about them, maybe because they are so different from what we are familiar with. Today I would like to speak about Thailand and the unique features of its official language – the Thai.

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Hilarious Heartwarming Thai Commercial Promotes Human Dignity by Kick Ass Ads

อย่าให้รักเดียวเป็นเรื่องมหัศจรรย์ | NAPAPORN TRIVITWAREEGUNE | TEDxBangkok by TEDx Talks

สัมภาษณ์งานด้วย mindset แบบนี้ เราจะสบายใจ! by Auditorium


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37 Replies to “About the Thai language”

  1. Stefan Margraf

    Success! One Sub for you (and me). Albeit any language is interesting, i was baffled to learn how many aboriginee idiomas in Australia exist. And also, it would be nice to learn something about polynesian Language (e. g. Samoa or may be Maori).

  2. Romeo Jupitor

    Really love your videos so much! I was really hoping for you at least do KHMER (CAMBODIAN) 🇰🇭 language, which is one of the most fascinating, mysterious and has the oldest root of language and culture in ASIA.♥️

  3. Joe Blow

    Actually it’s more common they will ask “what did you eat today?” But only to people they are familiar with. I have never been asked if I’ve eaten yet or seen Thais ask each other that. That might be particular to a certain area.

  4. kitten as trophy

    Since Paul at Langfocus Channel don't do the Thai language I found your video instead. Sounds entertaining for introduction of Thai to foreigner but some information about the history is still so conservative and not accurate.
    What do you mean when saying "no number" in the grammar part !? I'm confused .

    In the graphic of part of country where each dialect showing , the part with "Have no Idea" is actually speaking Old Khmer ( which is not the same as current Khmer in Cambodia)

    By the way I've read that there's no real Kadai tribes exist, no any thai have ever known this tribe and where did this name come from? We thai know that Tai, Lao, Shan, and some other tai minorities exist in neighboring countries but never the Kadai.

  5. N- X

    Great channel! I'm looking forward to next videos.
    Maybe some less known European language now? 😉 My fascination about Iceland prompted me to learn Icelandic and I found all Nordic languages very interesting and beautiful.
    Greetings from Poland.

  6. Kid Tham

    You know the story of
    Thai Language more than ordinary Thai people. It's very complete.
    However…If you learn Thai by listening a lot. It will be easier for you to try to remember the rules.
    Especially Thai tonal. We train with ears from the everyday conversation more than practicing with the eyes from reading.
    Many Thai people do not read with the symbol of the tonal.
    But they can read it because they can remember the pronunciation of this vocabulary.

  7. xavierob

    As a passionate linguist, I always like to discover new channels on youtube focusing on linguistics :). I've watched a few videos on your channel and I appreciate a lot your clear and well-structured presentation of the information, it makes it easier to follow. And I'm so impressed by your mastery of the pronunciation of such difficult languages like Thai or Georgian! I'm subscribing, to encourage you :).

  8. Eric Scavetta

    One of the best summaries I’ve seen for the challenges and fun of learning the Thai language. Having spent many years learning it and living in Thailand, I think your description is spot on. But don’t worry, the alphabet and complex tone rules actually become intuitive after enough practice. I can look at a word now and mostly get the tone correct without much analysing.

  9. ChuckBass

    As Thais, we don't suffer much from grammar but instead we all suffer from the ancient Thai literatures and poetry which are so hard to learn. Thai has more than 20 strict patterns of poetry and the vocabularies are so difficult to remember even to the native speaker because many of them derived from Pali and Sanskrit, some from Kher, Java and Southern China. Although Thai poems are the most beautiful and delicate literature that I've ever known. I mean what Shakespere wrote would become a child poems when compare to Thai's.

  10. Taran Greenwald

    Every location video is shot in a different place, and it makes me wonder if you shoot every video on location :p

    I just found your channel and watched all the videos. I’m a language nerd, and it’s always fun to listen to this stuff.

  11. Chenalin De Los Santos

    You're videos are quite informative. i actually enjoy it a lot. my friend beside me while watching your video find your video sleepy. this is just a suggestion with due respect, to somewhat elevate your energy. 🙂 butfor me, love love love your vidsss! God bless! ❤

  12. Wasu Koysiripong

    I have been following your channel since the first clip, and feel very glad that you explored my mothertongue. 🙂

    Wow, you pronounce Thai very well. How did you manage to get the tones right? This is impressive indeed! I have many Russian friends who have spent years learning Thai but still can't get the tones right.

    You made some slight errors though. "No" is ไม่ not ไหม. And, ขนมจีน doesn't mean Chinese noodles. ขนมจีน is the name of a kind of sticky rice noodles originated by the Mons. The word จีน in this context doesn't mean Chinese as it usually means in other contexts, but it is a Mon word meaning "to rice", i.e. pressing through a ricer. ขนม originally means "dough" in the Mon language, though it means "snack" in Thai. Therefore, ขนมจีน literally means "riced dough". Not many Thais know this etymology either.

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