Learn Thai: 50 Basic Thai Phrases for Beginners

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thailand language

32 Replies to “Learn Thai: 50 Basic Thai Phrases for Beginners”

  1. jenny yong

    Very interesting and very helpful lesson but please take note that there's a mixed up in the voice and written language in the middle. Have to reshuffle abit and everything's OK. Anyway my apologies and please forgive me if I'm in any way inappropriate in my comment.
    Warmest regards from 1st. time learner…Singapore

  2. Caitlin Manansala

    Thank You so much for this video I've seen your videos about how to speak Japanese and I've learned so much and now I'm going to learn Thai because I've been watching shows lately and I want. To be able to understand… so thank you so much for this and I hope to see more videos….😊

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