Thailand Travel Tips: 18 Things Nobody Tells You

If you’re heading to the beautiful country of Thailand, check out these 18 travel tips! Read more on our blog at

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19 Replies to “Thailand Travel Tips: 18 Things Nobody Tells You”

  1. benzman500sl

    Try riding a scooter without a helmet and see what happens to you. You're going to be taken to jail to pay a fine, and don't think that only the driver of a scooter has to wear one because they will confiscate your scooter if you don't pay the fine and get a helmet. As for elevators. Any decent hotel and shopping mall has them and they're perfectly safe. You're right, you can't buy alcohol at convenience stores during certain parts of the day, but it's normally not a big deal since the time they restrict it is usually only a few hours. As for toilet paper, if you stay at a nice hotel, you should have a bidet or even a Japanese automated toilet, which is TO DIE FOR!!!!! BUG SPRAY….but it in Thailand. Sunscreen is a MUST. I sent my laundry to the cleaners once a week and it was cleaned, dried, pressed, and folded DIRT CHEAP there. Taxi drivers and Tuk Tuk drivers are notmally scammers. Use GRAB for any kind of traveling and food delivery. They were the cheapest and the best. Exchange your currency outside of the airports because you normally get better rates. As for SIM cards, you can get good rates at AIS and TRU in the airport. If you want to save money on food, there are at least 8 food courts in Bangkok alone where you can get pad thai, thai curry with chicken, and many other dishes for just over 1 USD a pop.

  2. Jackie Viacqi

    Actually up to 400 bat for tuk tuk should get you just about anywhere whit in Bangkok center (about 45min. ride) anything above 400 Bat your being taken advantage off. I never played more than 400, actually only happened once usually it’s between 150 and 250, and that’s November 2019 princess.

  3. rolback

    You can get any medication over the counter through a pharmacy in Thailand. I got Lipitor just by asking the Pharmacist. No prescription needed. Your better off going to the hospital rather than a doctor office. They have an onstaff general Doctor.that you can sit and see without an appointment. Very very cheap like $25USD. If you go to a doctor office they might try to rip you off. Especially in tourist areas.

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