Tourist Traps in Thailand: Thailand Travel Tips

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Planning a trip to Thailand? Here are my top 6 areas of Thailand you might want to avoid.

Thailand is one of my favourite places to visit for my holiday.

Twenty old years ago, not too many people would consider vacationing, living or retiring here, but as of now. Thailand is no longer off the beaten path as its popularity among foreigners fit all budget and lifestyle. From backpackers, budget minded people, couples, young millennials, retirees, travel lovers to the high rollers seeking the ultimate 5-star treatment or anyone who seek 5-stay treatments without going broke.

There is something for everyone here.

In recent years, Thailand is now rank top 10 most visited country in the world and Bangkok is ranked the most visited cities in the world, according to reports.

My definition of a tourist trap is a place that is catered and attracts foreign tourists for making money. Tourist traps provide services, food, souvenirs, attractions and other products for the only purpose for making money from tourists. Tourist traps attract massive hordes of crowds and often lack the authentic Thai experience.

With that said, here are my top 6 tourist traps in Thailand. Along with the alternative attractions, in case you visited one of Thailand’s tourist traps, and they turn you off.

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23 Replies to “Tourist Traps in Thailand: Thailand Travel Tips”

  1. Gizziiusa

    ko samet is overrun with chinese tourists now. too pricy.
    ko si chang off of sri racha is polluted b/c the ships that stay close offshore [because of lanchubung sea port] dump their sewage into the sea.
    hua hin water is murky brown, like bang saen. its clean, but not idealic.

  2. Black Men Will Travel

    Khao Son is not a great place to meet travelers. From my experience they are just passing by for the day or night. Khao Son is just a pit stop to other locations in Thailand. Great place to party and bar hop. Warning don’t book a hotel on Khao Son if you’re looking to relax and get a good night sleep.

  3. MrTraveller

    Great video, I agree. I’ve lived 10yrs in Asia, love Thailand but not the ultra tourist stuff. I life in Chiang Mai & am
    Going to Vietnam in a few days to explore more off the beaten path places.
    Thanks again for all your great video’s I appreciate watching them.

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