13 Replies to “Interesting Facts about the Thai Language”

  1. XYZA

    You're lucky you don't have to learn the other sets of languages specifically for Buddhist monks and the Royal families as they are the total different words. Like two different languages.

  2. Seth Bocknek

    awesome video. I wish people would make more of these concise-yet-fairly-complete "overviews" of foreign languages! They're a great way to get an idea of whether learning a particular language is suitable to your own skill set/interests. thanks for sharing!

  3. Philly Boy Roy

    Thanks for the inspiration to get over the initimidating tonal language. The Thai people say, when confronted with the foreigners who try to convert you, to agree to change religions, but to switch back when they go away. This way there are no hurt feelings 🙂

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