Top Travel Tips for Visiting Thailand for the First Time! (Money exchange, cell service and more!)

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Hello guys!

Here is a little informational video reviewing my top travel tips for visiting Thailand for the first time. As the years pass by, traveling is becoming more and more accessible and it seems like Thailand is always one of the first countries people visit. I had a blast on my trip in October 2017 and I was lucky enough to travel with people who have been before. I would have been totally lost with out their help.

Topics Discussed
-Cellular Data
-Money Exchange
-Thailand Laundry Service
-Food Pricing and Safety
-Recommended Tours!

Hotel: Red Planet Surawong
Shopping: Chattuchak Weekend Market, MBK Mall, Silom Complex
Temples: Wat Pho (reclining buddha)
Attractions: Safari World Zoo, Got Massages

Hotel: Movenpick Suriwongse Hotel (awesome area)
Shopping: Night Baazar (huge, fun night market on same street at Suriwongse Hotel-. CentralPlaza Chiangmai Airport Mall
Attractions: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple (very calm & beautiful. Located high in the mountains with fog). Hmong Village Tour, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Tiger Kingdom, Old chiangmai cultural center Khantoke dinner.

After Thailand, we flew to Bali which is why we did not visit any of the Thai Islands.

**Disclaimer** Video includes animal entertainment for tourism. Although I am aware of the controversy surrounding animal encounters for tourism, I am also fascinated by animals and wildlife. Each animal activity was a compromise between different personalities and in the end we chose what we thought were a fair balance between ethical organizations and bucket list items.

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38 Replies to “Top Travel Tips for Visiting Thailand for the First Time! (Money exchange, cell service and more!)”

  1. Rebecca Collier

    Great tips! I am planning a trip for June but heard this was the rainy season 🙁 What time of year were you in Thailand and do you have any tips for how to stay dry or if its even worth it to travel then? Thanks!

  2. Jessa Lil Crazy

    Hey girly! love the tips you gave, I will be backpacking on Southeast Asia for the first time next year and I'll be vlogging everything 😍 Thanks for recommending and confirming that Tiger Kingdom is ethical the way they handle/care of the tigers, I was sketchy at first because I don't wanna encourage animal cruelty because I hear so much about different people and how animals are mistreated in Thailand for tourism. Now I know that I can go to Tiger Kingdom!

  3. Jay Tab

    Loved this video, definetely the most informative and well organized video Ive watched while preparing for my trip! But I think you're preception of the animals and their welfare is very naive. You see what you want to see to fufill bucket wish items.

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