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thailand tips


  1. Niall & Thailand

    Yay, another list vlog.

    1..If you are on your own and intend to stay that way. Always, always, always finish your night in a quiet bar. If you are hammered and you are in a go go bar or a beer bar surrounded by beautiful Thai women, chances of you taking one back to your hotel increases approximately 100,000%
    2. When walking between bars try to avoid eye contact with any locals and keep walking. Don’t stop to look at the fake Rolex’s, don’t stop to find out why the cute girl at the other end of the street is motioning you to go over and talk to her. Remember that whoever is trying to get your attention has 1 job. To get you to forget about where you are heading and go with them instead.
    3. Understand that no sane person thinks that getting a massage at 2am is a wise decision. If you are in a massage shop at that hour, your masseuse is probably expecting a large tip for additional services.
    4. If you go drinking with expats that have been living in Thailand for many years, make sure you have your donor card with you and put a question mark in the kidney box,
    5. If you walk past a ladyboy bar, they are going to touch you in some way. They usually go for the gentleman’s region. DO NOT get upset or aggressive. If you get annoyed and start a confrontation, you will get f**ked up by 4 or 5 of the most beautiful looking guys you have ever seen. If it happens just walk it off and forget about it.

  2. Fred Azbell

    By the time I moved to Thailand, the nightlife had lost its appeal. Come for the low cost of living and find yourself a woman with a normal job. Nightlife is only fun while you are relatively young. It's a nice place to wait for death.

  3. supamart

    Another tip is choose the girl in any beer bar or gogo bar carefully! If you barfine one of them, you are now hers, and you can't touch any of the other girls in her bar. Also, don't walk past her bar with another girlfriend! If you are sneaky and do have multiple girlfriends in different bars, they will describe you as a "butterfly" and you will lose respect from them.

    Also, don't fall for the " look how old and broken my phone is". I need a new one. Or any other story involving sick children /parents / aunties at home or bills or other emergencies that require money that she doesn't have, but you do. Known as the "Sick buffalo story".
    Don't lie to the girls. They find it very disrespectful that Western men lie to women.
    While on the subject, learn about how important "respect" and "losing face" are in Thailand.

  4. son of StormShadow

    Another hilarious bs video. Good job!👍for number 5 down your shit and go to the banjo. Not encouraging binge drinking. Just saving time and your not looking like an idiot trying to figure out what do I do with my drink?. 4 just be a good guest. Your in a foreign country. Thias get a bunch of racist, selfish assholes. They want nothing more than to pound a fucking foreigner in the dirt. Don't be that guys. On another note, don't be there guy buying the th beers/shots all night hogging the music. First it's rude. Second, when you leave the dj is now drunk and fucks up playing music the rest of the night. Assholes!

  5. Rob M

    Handle your liquor. If you get totally fucked up best make sure you're with someone you know and trust or you might wake up somewhere on side of an alley and your ass will be sore.

  6. GAM3 OVER

    I went to one of those ping pong shows and paid 2000 baht for 2 beers for my mates birthday. I think they were drugged because all of a sudden we felt very weird drunk. They were brought over to us already open. We had been drinking all day with no problems before that. The hot girls get you in there and the 70 year old does the show. Saw everything but a ping pong come out of her wrinkled snatch. More like a wildlife show actually.


    Lmao! Being on tour with some guys that think they are UFC qualified fighters, I've personally seen a 240 lb man get DESTROYED by 2 120lb Thai fighters, who were security for the bar. Never mind the 5-20 that would have jumped in. As always, love your BS videos and take care my brethren!

  8. JDMxlove

    Ya boy is getting a high paying job Ive been researching Thailand I’m going I gotta go. But I want to know how much bread should a player bring and should I go alone or bring a homeboy or a wild free homegirl? cause I’m going all out and I’m now a single man and yes it will me my first time leaving the USA. And very very far from Texas!

  9. jay c

    youre supposed to negotiate ahead of time the price for ping pong show drinks..i only go when i bring a new friend but i always make sure…example..okay 150 or 200 entry each and we get 1 drink for this…and he says yes..thats all we ever pay

  10. Pattaya Pariah

    Good list. There has been a rise in Pattaya bars with a "fixed cost" bell, such as 500THB to buy all staff a shot, 1500THB to buy all customers a shot, so no major shocks.
    And to the inevitable comments below saying "only a noobie can't spot a Ladyboy, only a Beta male can't smell a Ladyboy", then share the secrets of your radar: even Thai women who work in the nightlife industry can't spot all Kathoey's. Forget the "hands, height, deep voice, adams apple" myth. As Quinton says, only a genuine government issued ID or a Mick Dundee crotch grab can reveal the truth.

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