Top 5 Multi Cuisine Restaurants in Pattaya Thailand – Best Restaurants in Pattaya

Over the time, I have reviewed many restaurants in Pattaya and all across Thailand. I have made dedicated videos on each restaurant describing their unique features which sets them apart. Thailand is famous all over the world for its mouth-watering Thai cuisine but there are many great non Thai restaurants as well. This video is my top 5 best multi cuisine restaurants in east side of Pattaya that you must check out. These restaurants are serving great Mexican, Italian and other continental dishes with high quality service in a great ambiance. We have also reviewed these 5 restaurants in dedicated videos; you can check them out as well for detailed information about any of the restaurants shown in this video.
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4 Replies to “Top 5 Multi Cuisine Restaurants in Pattaya Thailand – Best Restaurants in Pattaya”

  1. Silomroad HollandAsianVibe

    So satisfying o to watch Thanks a lot for introducing 5 great places foods
    i,m worry about ,if klm wi not flight to bkk end of may

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