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HOW TO TRAVEL THAILAND – You Need to Watch This!

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  1. KHTreppin

    F**k Thailand curupt country police always after money so easy to end up in jail and the courts also curupt they don't like western people they only want your money. Next time I go I will be getting a gun for my personal protection!!!!

  2. Chris Sesier

    hello, i live partly in khon kaen and partly in belgium. you could take a look at my youtube channel "enjoy life with chris".
    if you like it, don't forget to subscribe. thank you.
    continue with your channel, i love it.

  3. Bill Freeman

    Went to Thailand for 3 months. Ended up staying over 10 years. Best place!
    @Tim: Just look up a course called Laptop Earnings.
    It's 2019.. there are so many ways to earn a living online.
    That's one of the best courses you'll come across for sure.
    If you're gonna get it.. try the code "limited50" as you check out.
    Not sure if it still works, but worth a shot.

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