Learn Thai – Lesson 3: How are you?

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In Thailand, manners are important, and this video teaches you some of the basics you need to be polite while speaking Thai. A native Thai teacher will explain the simple phrases necessary. They’re written in both Thai characters and the alphabet, giving all the tools you need to get started in your Thai study.
This is the fastest, easiest way to pick up basic Thai!

In this lesson you will learn more Thai greetings and how to ask “How are you?” in Thai.

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41 Replies to “Learn Thai – Lesson 3: How are you?”

  1. NiMkoTlaGi

    Why does the baai of สบายดี have mid tone? All other (kind of) consonant clusters with like the สบ seemed to have taken the tone rule of the whole part from the first consonant. So I would have said it's rising tone. But it's mid-tone, as if it would come from the บ. Im confused

  2. vetiஅரவிந்த

    Interesting that your suwadee is written swasthi…It's a sanskrit word for prosperity, although i don't think we use that word (maybe some indian languages do). In fact the infamous "swastika" which was stolen by the nazis is actually an indo-aryan symbol for prosperity.

  3. CK Kish

    Do you always have to end a sentence with Khrap for men or Ka for women?  I would assume not everyone would always use the good jester at the end of every sentence or response.  Maybe the first time you meet someone.

  4. shadesbane1

    I have a question about "Mai". At the start of the lesson you say it makes a word a question – sa baai dii "mai"= how are you/are you fine. But when you list responses you put "mai" sa -baai and its not a question but means not so good/i'm sick and then say "mai" means no/not/a negative. Is it simply because you put it in front of the sentence instead of the back that makes it not a question? Could someone please clear up why this is?

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