THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE WE’VE BEEN?! | Thailand travel vlog | Climbing Tonsai & Railay

We’re in Thailand! In this video we explore Krabi. We rock climb out at Tonsai and Railay Beach, and it’s some of the best sport climbing we’ve experienced in South East Asia! From there we travel to Koh Lanta, a beautiful and tropical island just south of Krabi. We hike the national park and get lots of snuggles and pets from adorable cats and dogs at Lanta Animal Sanctuary. And, of course, explore all the delicious vegan eats around southern Thailand!

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At the end of 2018, my husband and I sold our yoga studio and 90% of our things and moved into our 1969 VW bus. We travel the world exploring, rock climbing, adventuring and eating delicious vegan food along the way. Subscribe to follow along with our travels!



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  1. Josh Straughn

    Yay Kitties!!! We are driving to CT tomorrow to adopt a new hard case named Milo. We will probably change his name to Butters Scotch but we shall see.

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