Where to quarantine when arrive Thailand | Travel Thailand July 2020 | Teya Suchira

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Where to quarantine when arrive Thailand l Travel Thailand July 2020
In July 2020, Thailand allowed only 11 groups of people to get into the country.
Once when you arrive here, we have 3 types of group
1.Isolation : If we find you have postive result, you’ll be insolated immediatly
2.Closed observation ; This is type of people, who don’t have to get 14 days quarantine but you’ll need to have people who follows you in group
3.Quarantine ;
* State quarantine / Local quarantine (Thai nationality)
* Alternative state quarantine / Local state quarantine (foreigners)
* home/self quarantine (special people, government staff)
* Hospital quarantine (Anyone who come to see dr)
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49 Replies to “Where to quarantine when arrive Thailand | Travel Thailand July 2020 | Teya Suchira”

  1. Neil Chuang

    What about permanent residence? Not Thais but resident? Did they consider this? We have our own place in Thailand, and have to be forced to go to hotel????

  2. DaBai2 Doh

    my teaching position starts mid august and the embassy won't even give me an entry permit. moot point as there are no flights anyway. I'm only an hour away from Bangkok! Teachers don't make good money so quarantine is a huge hit to my savings.. if i get there

  3. Willaim U

    I am due to arrive in Thailand (Bangkok and Krabi) for 3 weeks on 19th September 2020. Do you think I will be able to arrive, without quarantine? I’m flying from UK Via Qatar.

  4. Ettore Chiavinato

    So unfair!!!! … I'm Italian, living in Thailand since 2014, working here with a regular working permit, married with a Thai national, give job to thai people in my company and paying taxes as thais but, since I'm foreigner, I have to pay for making a quarantine in a hotel … only in Thailand they force you to do something like this, everywhere in the world, if you are not infected, you make at your home!!!! … and the cheapest hotel to make quarantine, in Onnut area, costs 34.000 THB for the 14 days without any meal or breakfast and the hotel is uncomfortable and most of the rooms are without window so, is like being in Jail so you have to be prepared to pay at least double to stay in a more comfortable hotel … so disappointed!!!

  5. i am yoohee

    I appreciate your strict protocols in your country. They are just protecting their people in Thailand. That's what I love about the country. But, please be also considerate that not all Foreign workers/teachers afford those ASQ hotels. Some of them "No work no Pay", they have to come back to Thailand for work but how can they pay the required ASQ hotel if they don't have that much? In fact, they have to comply those requirements: such as fit to fly certificate, covid test (negative), 100k USD insurance, then another covid test again in the Suvarnahabumi Airport. I think it's already enough. If the result is negative, then why not HOME QUARANTINE? I hope it make sense.

  6. murton steven


  7. todd day

    Hi Teya, from Sylvan Lake Alberta Canada 🇨🇦 I just recently found your channel, and i love your updates. They seem accurate and filled with Good General information. My question is, I have been coming to Thailand for 4 years, usually 2 times a year for a Couple months each time. My wife is Thai ( we are not officially married) andives in Korat. I rent a Property there for 2 years now and we Purchased Land last September when i was there too start Building our Future home this November. I am wondering if I will be allowed too enter when they allow family members to come back or Will i be not Considered because we are not officially married 🤔🤔 Thanks
    Have a great day 🌞🌞

  8. george10445

    A farang who go now and bring a lot of money to prathet thai by so restrictions, is not normal. Especially, when the goverment fake they have only 58 corona deaths….😈💥

  9. ray c

    enjoyed the video and i look forward to coming back to the kingdom (with my thai wife)! i certainly empathize what the tourism industry brought to Thailand but it seems the leaders in Thailand do not intend to let it get back to it once was. there will certainly be efforts to revive but the old days of open flood gates appear to be over. good content and coffee for you…. 🙂

  10. Harley Man

    Finally here in the Philippines things are starting to open up,, soon as things calm down even more I am Definitely going to visit Thailand,, Hope to meet you Teya,,,

  11. G S

    You tour guide help me get in thailand. I have a U.s.a. passport. With a O retirement visa in thailand expires November 2020. An also I have appointment to do my surgery for incisional hernia at Sattahip navy hospital. An I have a certificate about my hurnia at Memorial hospital in pattaya. But it's all expired an I still have my hernia. Help me get in thailand an your time will be played in full. T y

  12. I Am Kwangkhwang

    Alternative state quarantine on five ⭐️ hotel 😏 should tourist pay for airplane ticket to come to Thailand and pay for 5 ⭐️ hotel for 14 days to stay only in hotel? 😭

  13. stacy stevens

    when they let you open it will be short, invest there and you will loose again, they did the same in the USA, they let them open and then closed them down in a month, thailand will do the same, bottom line is to make the thai small business man go broke, and buy up all for cheap bye the thai elite.

  14. stacy stevens

    Bottom line all the options stink, the old days of thailand being fun and ez to travel to are over, most business are broke and will never open, you destroyed your country bye cutting off farang tourism, your country is headed in the wrong way your economy is on life support, and the world is in a depression yes people are jobless they lost there business and there broke, so forget about enjoying thailand, let the thais support there own country good luck, there too cheap and also they have $$$ problems as well yes there broke as well, so it is all no good, this gal needs an english class sounds like a bar girl!

  15. S_G _T

    It's a real shame. I've still got an air ticket to Bangkok for mid October, but I don't like the sound of this quarantine at all. I'll check with the local Thai consulate in the US, but most likely will have to delay my trip until next year. There's simply no way that I will accept to remain locked up in an expensive 5-star hotel in Bangkok for 2 weeks. If I can provide recent documentation showing that I've tested negative for Corona virus and after a basic temperature check, I don't see why I can't be left alone to enjoy my trip to Thailand.

  16. Sua Liang

    You are so pretty, so kind, try hard to explain to people about Thailand situation for visitors and very very Nah ruk with your speech, teasing and make us smiling. Appreciated you a lots, dear Khun Teya!

  17. YaterSpoon

    Missing my ten year old Thai son. Looking toward some solid options travel options next month – but everything is so restrictive. I guess I have to consider a 14 day quarantine. Thanks very much for this informative video and looking forward to your next one (soon please).

  18. dazza2024

    Hello Teya, Another informative video 👍 & your cheeky funny happy 😊way to tell your info is lovely thanks thanks thanks have a great day cheers Daz.

  19. Gary Tilley

    Melbourne is in lockdown again. Cannot travel interstate so I cannot see international travel from Australia this year. Keep the good information coming Teya.

  20. hajo zwofünfnulldrei

    Thank you again for your information. A lot of details. You gave a lot of answers to all questions I have. Very usefull. We will have coffee togetther, after this crisis😉 I cross my fingers that you can do your job again, soon

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