How Many Rounds can I go with My Thai Lady?

G’day Folks, today we do a bit of boxing training in Hua Hin and take you around town.

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28 Replies to “How Many Rounds can I go with My Thai Lady?”

  1. Shahzad Khero

    Hua Hin is so calm and has a relaxed atmosphere. Loved your home! Hope your move to Phuket goes smooth. Keep up the good show guys! Love from Brisbane.

  2. Karl Enzmann

    This was really great. You touched all the bases for me. A boxing workout, a swim at the beach, and some great food. I thought Tida's meditation there at the beach was fantastic. Her voice was so soothing. 5 minutes of listening to that, and I'd be sleeping like a baby…You have an absolute gem of a lady there my friend. I wish you two all the best!

  3. mark charles

    I think its a good idea you get Tida to learn to fight and train .. you have to balance the food vids and the training vids good idea healthy life .

  4. Cory Smaglik

    Luv you Guys, I just left Thailand 4.19. I love Thailand so much. Miss it much. I did get married on 4.9. To my Thai girl. Miss her much. She in Udon Thani.

  5. Justin Toomey

    You guys are living the dream. What a awesome life you get to live, Eat amazing food, living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment. You guys have the best relationship. Take care and safe travels on you new path

  6. Erwin Ishak

    I already have a flight ticket (on hold) to Phuket that I bought before the pandemic. I hope I get the honor to meet Tida and you there. Have a safe journey and looking forward to videos of it.

  7. David R.G.

    You guys are so great together.always enjoy your videos.Did i hear you mention surfing ? I would really love to see both of you checking out some of the surfing spots over there.the beaches are so beautiful there and to see you surfing would surely make some great videos.always looking forward to another video.thanks so much for the entertainment.👍

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