Thailand's Mainly Muslim Island (Koh Lanta, Krabi)

Koh Lanta – I’m on Thailand’s Mainly Muslim Island – That’s my First Impression of Koh Lanta so far

A few days ago, I arrived on Koh Lanta, a Thai Island in Krabi. It feels like a totally different side of Thailand to me. Koh Lanta is mainly Muslim. You can find lots of mosque rather than temples here, many Muslim vendors and lots of halal restaurants. Is Koh Lanta mainly Muslim? I think it is. In today’s Koh Lanta Vlog, I’ll take you around the island. We are going to check out a local food market, visiting a viewpoint, riding through some villages (which remined me a lot of Kampungs – villages – in Malaysia). Finally, we also going to check out Koh Lanta Old Town. Riding trough Koh Lanta really showed me a totally different side of Thailand – Super cool!

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00:00 Intro Koh Lanta
00:54 Koh Lanta Street Food Market
05:17 Riding through villages + Mosques
07:24 Koh Lanta Viewpoint
09:32 Koh Lanta Old Town
10:57 “Pirate” Ship + Trying the Food
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25 Replies to “Thailand's Mainly Muslim Island (Koh Lanta, Krabi)”

  1. DayViet

    That square thing you ate is actually something you had already in a previous video. It's a version of babin, the little circular grilled snacks with coconut you had at the streetmarket where you sat at a table (the same table you sat at later to eat the fish and rice with a spoon).

  2. michael hay

    Lanta Old Town is Thai Chinese, they have been on Lanta for hundreds of years, their ancestors were merchant traders sailing from mainland China.

  3. Wezz

    How does it work with your visa to stay in Thailand for so long?
    I'm also a EU citizen (Sweden) and me and my girlfriend are looking to stay a bit longer for our next trip.
    Have you gotten a extended tourist visa or something else?

    Great videos btw, you've gotten two new followers!

  4. socrates

    Hi Ken, since you are at Koh Lanta, you should try to visit Koh Mut and the emerald cave which you can only access through a sea water cave system when the water is not too high. Very beautiful and exciting! Or if you travel further down, you can also access it from Trang.

  5. Guillermo Montoyo Hernandez-Goldfarb

    Wonderful Ken! I am enjoying the wholesome content. Travel vloggers don't need to show saucy photos in thumbnails. Stay pure my friend. Great to see you venturing into Muslim Thailand. Not many Pattaya style vloggers such as Cheap Charles, Retired Working for You and No Time To Be Sad would ever ever venture there because of the lack of alcohol in Muslim areas. Can you imagine David Bond and Nicky in Muslim Thailand? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️🤣🤣

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