MASSIVE PAELLA PAN at Thailand food fest!

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We showed up at the Ao Nanag Krabi food festival but were amazed to see a Massive paella pan being prepared At a thailand food fest? Thats what I was thnking but I loved watching them prepare this massive feast. As you can guess I ate some too along with a bunch of other goodies.

The chefs cooking the Paella were from the Sofitel Krabi Hotel. The website is

My name is Brian but everyone calls me Greeny. I retired in January of 2020 after working 30 years in my field. I didn’t want to work so long that I would be too old to enjoy my retirement. After living in Michigan my whole life I decided I wanted to retire somewhere warm, somewhere exotic. I sampled a ton of places in the Caribbean, Panama, Colombia, Turkey but set my sights on Thailand. I spent most of the winter of 2020 exploring Thailand then ……you know what happened. IT!!!
So I had to catch one of the last flights and come home. Now I’m back.

Why am I making videos? I need a hobby. I feel if I don’t do anything creative my mind may melt. I can also easily go back and reminisce by watching the videos. If anyone else enjoys them then that is a plus.

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21 Replies to “MASSIVE PAELLA PAN at Thailand food fest!”

  1. B Over

    Hey Brian so you talked about getting to 5000subs and than upgrading to laptop and camera. So if you are editing on your phone you are doing one heck of a good job. I think you are a natural you tuber. You should for sure invest in some pro gear sooner than later. If you can upload on a daily basis you will get a lot of subscriptions. Don’t worry about the quality. These days quantity trumps quality. Get some good looking gals too. The whole thumbnail clickbait almost always works. From Grand Rapids MI.

  2. ddutsie

    just found this guy deleted one of my comments from a previous vlog….heh, dude, if you don't want criticism, don't put yourself in the public eye…….jeezuz, what are you Putin, you just allow suck up, flattering praise…and to anyone reading this, there was no cussing in my post…..screw this guy, he must be a biden supporter too

  3. Stuart Hessinger

    That paella looked good, did you say something about lobster roll? Greeny do you know anywhere in Pattaya that sells lobster rolls? Good video Greeny 👍 Do you prefer the Mayo version or the curry one?

  4. Brett Allan

    When you get back to Pattaya the walking street food festival is back on next to the Naklua seafood market. Started again of the 13th and is on every Saturday and Sunday. Starts about 5pm.

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