Phuket Thailand travel and life # 72 Life of Single mom after…Patong beach, bangla walking street~

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Today I’m going to post about the life of a 27-year-old single mom in Phuket after Pan-de-mics.
She started working at the age of 12, had a son at the age of 18 and raised him alone for nine years
She had many jobs, despite of many temptations, she did not follow the money.
Her latest job was selling street food at Patong Beach, but everything was lost because of Cv.
She is smiling but want to cry.
Strong Mom but just a little girl.
Please support and love.

I wish you a wonderful Phuket life and travel.
I hope my Vlog will help someone.
Love Phuket, love life~
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30 Replies to “Phuket Thailand travel and life # 72 Life of Single mom after…Patong beach, bangla walking street~”

  1. Tony Berwager

    She is and seems like a very beautiful woman from the outside and most importantly from the inside. Seems very caring and and has her priorities in the right places

  2. Lester Murray

    It's a great thing you are doing. If everyone could just look deep inside themselves. Stop the violence. Stop the racism. Everyone deserves to have a good life. We can help each other. No one should ever be homeless or hungry no matter what there story is or what mistakes they have made. Love each other

  3. Guitar Dave

    She is So Attractive. I wish Her EVERY BLESSING IN LIFE! How is she now ? Is she still Single ??? How could you help her ? She is a Beautiful Woman , she will find Love and Marriage . Please Keep Us Posted on How She Is Doing !!!!!

  4. Worn Out

    What a beautiful woman inside and out. Total respect for her. Working So hard to bring up her child. Will not marry an old Farang that could set her up for life and wanting to marry for love. I wish my son could meet a Sweet woman like this and not a gold digger from the west. God Bless Her and her little child. 🙏🙏

  5. Lon Smith

    Another prime example of a young single female (mother) going into survival mode. It seems like her confidence is a bit shaken but she is so humble, beautiful and gracious. I predict better things in the near future for this courageous young woman. Her son is very lucky to have a loving, adorable and affectionate mom like Ann. She speaks Enlish very well. So much potential. Please stay positive Ann. Great choice of people to share their story. Thank you for the inspirational story.

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