I'm The Only Tourist On This Deserted Thai Island (First Impressions Koh Lanta 2021)

Koh Lanta – I am the only tourist at this deserted Thai island – At least that’s my First Impressions of Koh Lanta

I have arrived at Koh Lanta. A cozy laid-back island in the south of Thailand in Krabi. Koh Lanta is a bit under the radar for most tourists, it’s still a touristic island but not as popular as the neighboring ones like Koh Phi Phi or Phuket. I’m planning to stay in Koh Lanta a few days, maybe even a week. Will bring you around this island in the coming vlogs and see what’s going on here on Koh Lanta 2021. Jugging from my Koh Lanta First Impressions – I am the only tourist at this deserted Thai island. Let’s see how Koh Lanta 2021 will be in the next days and vlogs.
Have you been to Koh Lanta? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments ⬇️

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26 Replies to “I'm The Only Tourist On This Deserted Thai Island (First Impressions Koh Lanta 2021)”

  1. Staffan Fogelberg

    Freedom Bar is classical…."Take me to the moon shakes"….Koh Lanta is the most liberal island in Thailand. Koh Lanta never gets really crowded because of it's size. It normally has a strange mixed of families on charter flights and backpacker hippies. Dorm room can be found for as little as 60 baht…..My favourite place to stay is Pi***, 200 baht for a room or bungalow including scooter..!!!!😀

  2. Gregory Briggs

    Gee ken , your on a beautiful island …no need ti be lonely you need to find yourself a freind to travel with , you wont find one their it has a very large moslum community but very freindly and good people like in malasia

  3. john coombes

    Hi Ken,I know in your previous blogs you don’t like touristy places but surely the odd tourist would make it feel quite ordinary,must feel very strange and unreal?how do you get ‘fresh food’

  4. Robi Rutar

    I have barely joined your channel and I can say that it is interesting to follow you. I recommend a visit to Old Ko Lanta, Mangrove in the east, where you can enjoy very good, fresh seafood.

    pay attention to poorly maintained roads when you ride a motorbike and take a drive to the far south of the island, where there is a lighthouse national park. Best regards from Slovenia and enjoy in beautiful nature in ko Lanta.

  5. Selina Ott

    I can recommend you JANAHs restaurant (on the cheaper side, with some funny Thai TV shows in the background and such a lovely lovely lady) as well as in the old town a bit more pricier called Pinto restaurant (their massaman curry and mango lassi, one of the best I have had so far) with an amazing view – both are still running

  6. Ruthless Intentions

    It's funny all of your titles are "I'm the only tourist, deserted" we get it. Thailand right now is tourist free my dude. I'm sure 90% of the people subscribed have been to Thailand and or have are verse with the situations going on.

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