THAILAND FOOD TOUR -Thong Sala, Koh Phangan | EP80

Today we’re on a food tour in Thailand! We visit 3 places in Thong Sala, Koh Phangan that our viewers requested to see: Pantip food Market, Dot’s Café and Zen restaurant. So much amazing food in Thailand!


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In case you don’t know us yet. We are Carey, Josua, Hailey and Max.
We are a Swiss-American family that sold everything in 2020 to chase our wildest dreams of traveling the world full-time.

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41 Replies to “THAILAND FOOD TOUR -Thong Sala, Koh Phangan | EP80”

  1. Burak Karakaya

    Hi Carey, Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for going to DOTs Coffee. I hope when the time comes, we can go to Thailand again and eat the tasty food.
    Meine Frau und ich sind von euren Videos und eurem Abenteuer Thailand total begeistert. Macht weiter so und bleibt gesund 🍀🍀

  2. Paul Berry

    Ok Carey, now that we have been reduced to bribery and corruption I will have to watch to the end😂. Koh phagnam is now on my stop over list but mainly because " retired working for you " has shown me that you can actually get lots of beers AND Gin lol, immediately upon arrival lol, not that I have a drink problem or anything lol. Kids look well and happy, think your daughter will have her own you tube channel b4 long lol. Take care lol, stay safe, as my next request maybe impossible 😇😈🤟

  3. plasticman2k

    Oh my god you are such a blessing! Thank you so much for visiting them, I am glad that they doing well in such times and are still healthy. I hope you enjoyed their food! Are you going to do a food review next? 😂

  4. Michal Csonga

    Hi Carie .. Again great video from you. I like that you don't go to luxury restaurants, but you prefer street food where Thai people eat. Phantip market is top, but it's a shame it doesn't show its complete beauty as before the corona crisis .. I'm looking forward to your other videos, especially on tong nai pan yai 😉 good luck and enjoy

  5. LucaM

    Gratuliere, dein Phasaa Thai scheint gute Fortschritte zu machen! Bin auch dran 😬 Die Zutaten für die Suppe würde ich übrigens „Condiments“ nennen auf Englisch. Auf Thai wäre es soviel ich weiss „khrüüang-prung“. Liebi Grüess us de Schwiiz

  6. Denis Wyatt

    That food market is fantastic looks a little quiet at the moment obviously but I’ve had many a happy meal there great memories thank you shoes x

  7. Paul Berry

    No beer at pet hospital, not even a glimpse of a chang at the five star hotel, I am beginning to feel that this island is not for myself and bridget ( who has also commented ) just gonna be an extra hour or so on the ferry for us lol. Take care shoes, enjoy 😂

  8. Chris Emblen

    Thank you again. Spent a lot of time in that food market and also the British Pub the Masons Arms for a treat. It used to be the only place to get a pint of Guinness on the Island.
    I miss the Island so much, so thank you for sharing.

  9. Vishal Wadhwani

    Loved the vlog. I actually came across your channel months ago, while looking for street food in Thailand so I feel these type of videos really attract viewers 😀 btw the puppy was soo chubby and cute

  10. kitti vanna

    Your japanese food look very appetizing. You are so cute trying to eat noodles like Thai people and your Thai accent is very good. I was always smiling while watching.

  11. HaYaTo

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