Moving To Thailand – My Tips and Advice by Request

In this episode I talk about my tips and advice for moving to Thailand. I receive many requests for this and instead of responding to each one individually, I have decided to dedicate an episode about moving to Thailand. Some People are beginning to return now as a path for a tourist visa has been established for some nations. For months now, all I have received are the sad stories of those who had planned to move only to have their plans postponed. Right now the messages are changing in tune by the day and people are making plans to return so hopefully my tips and advice may be pertinent to some. This is not a path for normal tourism but rather for people who have been planning a long term stay for work, retirement or other reasons but have been locked out. Enjoy the Ride!

Cafe – 13.313843, 100.902882
Mountain – 13.309347, 100.903727

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29 Replies to “Moving To Thailand – My Tips and Advice by Request”

  1. Gary Kennedy

    If you needed something you can’t find over there or it’s very expensive, why couldn’t you just get someone from home to send a package?

  2. T W

    Lucas, well done video!. What's the situation with purchasing a reliable used car? (under 10 K or so) . Is there a decent supply?. Also can you address the issue of X-Pats jumping on motorcycles and scooters with little or no experience. I have heard horror stories about the dangers.

  3. Daniel Lotridge

    For me, living in Thailand was as easy as falling off a log. Nice people, great prices, beautiful women. But getting just about anything done takes time. Money makes everything go faster in Thailand. Learn a little thai, even general greetings. Try to make a thai friend to help answer questions for you. Understand that not everything will be the same as in your home country and complaining won't change that fact. Google maps and translate are your friend as well as the grab and bolt app to get rides. Trip advisor can answer some questions and thailand redcat is a great nightlife guide. Bring shorts and tank tops… the only long pants and sleeves you need are the ones you wear on the flight over. Walking around Thailand in flip flops is possible but wear good athletic shoes if you are concerned about cuts, scrapes or falling… lots of uneven or broken sidewalks. A shoulder bag, fanny pack or money belt it important. Stuff falling out of your pockets on the baht bus or bj bar can be avoided this way. Use the outdoor markets, night food markets and street food vendors. The food is as good as a restaurant and half the price. And finally be polite to everyone you meet… if you are having a romantic encounter be kind and you may find the treatment you get is very much worth it. Being a rude pig in Thailand will make you broke much faster and you will miss out on so much fun.

  4. Richiest Rich

    Maybe just stay in your own country, the Thais hate farangs. If you didn’t have a monthly army pension coming in V would leave. Wake up.

  5. TjMcD

    It’s not just a matter of being on the left of the road. Right hand drive in the cab has additional issues. You ready to shift gears with your left hand in a manual transmission?

  6. The Wootang Life

    What do you do ? (where do you go- police station local or do you need a FBI check for the entire country ) for a criminal back ground check and a health certificate( go to your doctor ? ) in the USA for your Thai visa and do you need them both notarized ?

  7. 321ringfrodo

    I am coming from the states at some point in the next 3 years. Would it be a good idea to get an international drivers license before moving?

  8. Robert Huff

    Linking back to your Pattaya business ideas vlog, suggest you listed several significant customer retail demands. At the core is a local service to provide hard-to-find items like extra-wide shoes or peanut butter to tourists or expatriates. Setup a local shop and then franchise the service. All I ask is 1% of the gross…:-)

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