Meet The Pajama Chef!! FRIED GARLIC FISH – Backyard Food Paradise!!

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PHUKET, THAILAND – Located in the southern Thailand island of Phuket, Aunty Tubtim serves home cooked southern Thai food in her backyard. It’s the definition of home cooked food, and it’s a fantastic restaurant to eat at when you’re in Phuket. Today, we’re going to go eat lunch, see Aunty as she cooks, and eat. And one of the unique signatures is that Aunty always wears batik pajamas and a shower cap when she cooks! #Phuket #ThaiFood

Kin Kub Ei (กินกับอี๋) restaurant which literally translates to Eat With Aunty, is the perfect name for this restaurant. She cooks a mixture of Southern Thai, and Chinese, specifically Hakka food. Here are the main dishes we ordered during out meal:

Deep fried fish with curry paste (pla tod kreung ปลามงทอดเครื่อง) – This is one of their signature dishes, and it’s delicious. Crispy fish, and deep fried curry paste, can’t get better.

Aunty Pork (หมูอี๋) – There’s a famous braised pork belly dish in Phuket called moo hong, and this is their own version of the dish.

Chicken “bae sa” (ไก่แป๊ะซะ) – This was a standout dish for me, Hakka Chinese style boiled chicken served with a ridiculously tasty sauce of soy sauce and fried garlic. The chicken texture was fantastic and the garlic sauce was what made it.

We also had a few more dishes:

Gaeng som pla mong (แกงส้มปลามง) – Southern Thai sour curry with fish
Nam choob yow (น้ำชุปเย๊าะ) – Chili dip with dry fish
Pad krut pad fai daeng (ผักกรูดผัดไฟแดง) – Stir fried ferns
Napa cabbage soup (ผักกาดสาหร่ายเต้าหู้หมูสับ) – Plain napa cabbage soup
Mantou tod (หมั่นโถทอด) – And finally for dessert, Chinese style mantou, but deep fried and served with coconut custard. This is something you must eat.

Total price for everything – 1,020 THB ($33.19)

Kin Kub Ei (กินกับอี๋) is a fantastic home cooking style restaurant in Phuket. The service is friendly, family run, and you really are eating a meal in Aunty’s backyard.

Keep in mind that reservations are required a few days in advance and they are only open Friday – Sunday for the weekends. Makes a great place to relax over the weekend.

You can see the full meal, with photos and information, on the blog:

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  1. 843charlieboy

    Wow , I just saw a video of yours by accident and this was my second one…I'm hooked ! Lol …Now I have to talk my wife into going to thailand

  2. thet almontero

    wish we could go to Thailand next year. we use to go there every year but sadly not this year bec.of covid pandemic. thank you Mark and regards to Ying and Micah. keep safe

  3. JOCE M

    Hi Always watch your videos all the time you are Awesome .👍👍 I am new on your video I am trying to do my own video which is cooking and mukbang

  4. Magical Me

    I've always Loved your videos…im a big fan of spicy food…..ill share u recipie of a garlic chatni ull have never had…..keep it up bro….

  5. Aves Food & Music

    Love this video Mark. Micah is so cute talking in the background love it he is growing up so fast, growing up to be a lovely young boy! The food also looks absolutely amazing it made me so hungry! Praying for you and your family to stay safe & healthy! Sincerely Avery
    P.S I am a teenage girl in her mid teens and I live in America down in the south!! I’m am one of your fans I have been watching y’all since micah was a little baby! Tell Micah I said hello!

  6. Kelay Nation

    I was about to eat but I don't have appetite then I thought of watching this video. And yes, I enjoy eating while watching the entire vlog

  7. bianchiveloce1

    Very cool. Your video has inspired me to look into doing some fried garlic with an oil and pepper sauce with some smoked chicken thigh meat. Maybe, fry up enough garlic to add it to some steamed spinach too.

  8. Sarah Azri

    Amazing video!! Do you have a recipe for the frued fish with frued curry paste? I tried looking it up but to no avail..would love to make it

  9. No Nickname

    This guy and Babish are the two most pretentious personalities on youtube. If they got together in the same room the fkn universe would implode.

  10. Charlene Jones

    Not only does the beautiful auntie has the best chefs outfit but she cooks very clean cool and calm thanks Mark for sharing another great video 🙏🏾🥰

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