Thailand Bar Fine Tips Part 1 Video 0065

Thailand Bar Fine Tips Part 1
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24 Replies to “Thailand Bar Fine Tips Part 1 Video 0065”

  1. pantslizard

    This is gonna be Harsh, but I always find it interesting that we are talking about professional cum buckets here, who made THE CHOICE to be cum buckets. I mean be nice, BUT at the end of the day, a whore, is a whore, is a whore..They Hustle us, EVERY DAY, but we're supposed to be considerate…(smh)…

  2. Cav One

    Backdrop : 1971 Olongapo, Phillipines. Marcos and Marshal Law. A guy took a girl for short time. The next night he went to a differant bar and had some lil hottie setting in his lap. The olongapo telegraf was working fine. He went back the the first bar and the girl already knew where he had been and what girl as setting in his lap. She got pissed and tried to slit his throat but only nicked him. She ran out of the bar, where the guard knowing what she had done, promptly got up and shot her. true story this was my intro to the PI

  3. maximilian ullrich

    never give a ladydrink…if you do the bargirls will get commission for every drink and earn beside their monthly salary enough money ….and it will not be necessary for the girl to go with you anylonger ….valid especially for the most Pretty girls

  4. maximilian ullrich

    never give a ladydrink…if you do the bargirls will get commission for every drink and earn beside their monthly salary enough money ….and it will not be necessary for the girl to go with you anylonger ….valid especially for the most Pretty girls

  5. Dave Core

    My first time to Thailand was this past January2019 and I met a girl that I liked and we hit it off. I took her out on a date on her day off and then went back to see her a couple weeks ago, beginning of March. I was there for just under a week and paid the bar fine for 4 days and we spent five days together. She stayed with me day and night. We had a very nice time together and found we like each other and talked about some things. I'm going to meet her parents in May and see how things go. I'm very aware of bar girls and this girl doesn't ask me for money or to buy her expensive gifts, but she seems to be pretty honest with me and she has even bought me a couple of small things. I totally understand about not really a great idea to get involved with a bar girl, and I'm thinking with my big head on my shoulders,but I'm willing to give her a chance. I know in Thai culture it's a custom to help the family, which we have talked about and I have an agreement with her, but when I see her and meet her parents in May, I will come to a conclusion on this relationship.

  6. Jan Fredrik Karlsen

    One of the rules I follow is to only barfine a girl that has her own place that we can go to. Safety reason, she is not likely to rob me while beeing at her own home (that would be loosing face), and that if we are passing a bar I've barfined another girl previously, we are probably sitting on a bike and moving fast by. And last reason, you get to see alot more of the city just by getting around different places wherever these girls lives….

  7. sapper T

    Lol my mate should off done this, he was married 6yr to a tia girl,last October he made that mistake, were off 1st or 2nd wk March, he told me he has to avoid some streets. He's bin going yrs..but looking forward to the holiday

  8. botladola

    Happened to me in soi 6. Barfined one girl in a bar for one night, went to another bar the next and met a really nice girl. Barfined her that day, whilst walking to the baht bus saw the other girl I was with yesterday who started shouting at me in Thai then ran into her bar. Had to explain to the girl I was with what happened. She wasnt happy that I barfined a girl before her. Didnt make sense.

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