National Lampoon's Vacation

From the creators of “Caddyshack,” “Animal House” and “Groundhog Day” comes this #1 boxoffice hit that spawned two sequels! Chevy Chase mans the wheel and convinces his all-American family that the way to really enjoy their holiday is to hit the road west for Wally World. And so the Griswalds take us in their station wagon on the ultimate comic cross-country trip full of laughs, landmarks, falling asleep at the wheel, and just how to deal with annoying Aunt Edna’s (Imogene Coca, “Your Show of Shows”) untimely fate in the middle of the “perfect” vacation. Featuring the hysterically zany cast of John Candy (“Cool Runnings,” “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”), fellow SCTV alumn and Emmy-winner Eugene Levy (“Father of the Bride”), Saturday Night Live alumns Anthony Michael Hall (“The Breakfast Club”), Brian Doyle-Murray (“Groundhog Day”) and Oscar-nominee Randy Quaid (“The Paper”), and supermodel Christie Brinkley. MPAA Rating: R (c) 1983 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. M&J YG

    We used to watch this every summer and spring before we went to disneyland when i was a dad is totally clark you chevy chase thanks 4 all the great memories all these years.your a genuis man🙂🙃😁😆.xoxomarianne

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