The Reality of Life as an Expat in Thailand…

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34 Replies to “The Reality of Life as an Expat in Thailand…”

  1. nigel walker

    I assembled a mountain bike in Bangkok rode to Pattaya trat Rayong into Cambodia palin picked up the Mekong rode all the way sleeping in a hammock through Cambodia into anglong veng back into Thailand onto the friendship bridge into Lao all the way to luamprabsng got into a boat and further north before getting close to Burma at marsie boarder back into Thailand right at the top and rode zig zagged through Thailand and I made a video you can view some but still I have never uploaded that story it was 8000 klm and 9 months to ride a mountain bike through these four countries to this day I still have fresh memories and so much pride. On YouTube nigel walker gulp solo bike ride. Just watching your trat video and the beach your on before rayong . No one has ever done what I did sleeping in nature and getting food from trees and in nature. You can imagine this ride better than most I imagine. Take care

  2. Gregory Ervin-Feagans

    Hey again- I been in and out of the Philippines about 5 times and I like it there- I am soon to be 66 years old- I am divorced- and was wondering if I could consider spending mass amounts of time there in Thailand like I do in the Philippines- on about $1200.00 a month. I don't drink or do the party scene- would probably try to find a 1 bedroom furnished apartment and a STEADY lady friend and just take in the scenery and maybe travel a LITTLE bit. Is it possible? How long can I stay there on a tourist visa? Is general medical and dental expensive? Any info you can give me is deeply appreciated. PEACE and prayers for all——

  3. Gregory Ervin-Feagans

    Hello- I have watched you before- a few times- but today your topic caught my eye. Good work- good quality video and audio- so I subscribed. I want to see your own personal elephant- Coooool beans man. PEACE and prayers for all—–

  4. Rick Baldwin

    I usta get a big plate of noodles Pad Thai for 25 baht and see a pirated movie.
    I usually had a bag of pineapple for breakfast-5 baht on Kho San Road before my
    bowl of noodle soup.

  5. Peter Samson

    The only thing CP Media didn't include in his budget is a girlfriend, good chances are if your travel to Thailand you will end up getting a girlfriend pretty quick. Depending on where you want to take her out for dinner / lunch it will end up costing you, 1,800 THB to 3,000 THB or more for lunch or dinner if your lucky. I've dropped 8,000 THB to 10,000THB a night on dinner/drinks easy in Bangkok, so also factor that into the budget as you will be the one paying, more than likely…!! (even girls with cash, like the guy to pay.. It seems to be a culture thing). A $1,500 budget will get blown out pretty fast, I would be budgeting for around $3,000 to $4,000 a month in Thailand (you want to be comfortable in the land of smiles). Thailand is like a theme park that never closes, and just like in a theme park you will blow through cash faster than you think. Obviously pricing in the islands or country will be lower, but you might end up doing more and spending more….

  6. Yitzi

    Normally I'd say you're crazy if you think you can buy an Elephant, but you're in Thailand and I think you could do it, and definitely can't wait to see it….lol

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