【4K】Trying food from IKEA restaurant in Thailand 2021

IKEA is a shopping mall for furniture and also have the food which will be different in each country. Today we will show you around for the menu at IKEA restaurants in Thailand. Let’s check it out together !

Date recorded :February, 2021
Camera : Iphone 12 pro
Map :

IKEA Water 15 Baht (0.50 USD) / น้ำดื่มอิเกีย
Cold Drink 25 baht (0.83 USD) / น้ำอัดลม
Almond Cake 75 Baht(2.50 USD) / อัลมอนด์เค้ก
Baked Chicken Leg 125 Baht (4.16 USD) / น่องไก่อบ
Chicken Caesar 65 Baht (2.17 USD) / ซีซาร์สลัด
Sausage Bacon 20 Baht (0.67 USD) / ไส้กรอกห่อเบคอน
Spring Rolls 3 pcs. 25 Baht (0.83 USD) / ปอเปี๊ยะทอด 3 ชิ้น
Fish & Chip 135 Baht (4.50 USD) / ปลาทอด
Coffee Free with IKEA members / กาเเฟฟรีสำหรับสมาชิก

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6 Replies to “【4K】Trying food from IKEA restaurant in Thailand 2021”

  1. 으라차차행복이-부계정

    The exotic food looks so delicious. ^^
    I personally like to eat,
    I feel so good when I see food like this for the first time.
    I will visit often to see a variety of delicious food.
    I saw a good video.
    If there is a chance, I would like you to visit my channel.

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