IS THAILAND RE-OPENING JULY 1? | Phuket Sandbox Update w/ Retired Working For You

Is it really happening this time?? Could the Phuket Sandbox really be the GRAND RE-OPENING of Thailand starting July 1st? Only time will tell, but for now I decided to share with you guys the most recent announcements that the Thai government has brought forward about what to expect if you are thinking of travelling to Thailand at this time. I am joined by Chris from the awesome YouTube Channel – Retired Working For You that has some fantastic videos about Thailand. Check out his channel down below!

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34 Replies to “IS THAILAND RE-OPENING JULY 1? | Phuket Sandbox Update w/ Retired Working For You”

  1. Ian Black

    the vaccine does not work , no flu vaccine has ever worked,but in britain they still lie and say the vaccine is working ,people are in hospital even after 2 shots ,they bull shit the figures but its all lies ,just open the borders and let people live their lives,why would anyone get a stupid tattoo of a word on their arm ,mental

  2. Non Chelsea


  3. Hector Gonzalez

    I'm frustrated by this channel. Instead of exploring interesting local sites not overrun by tourists because of the pandemic, the Canadian fellow focuses on Thailand's stupid pandemic restrictions. Who cares, Thailand will probably never reopen. I'll be going somewhere else anyway. And why focus so much on the fact that you're retired? Again, who cares. I can "retire" right now at half your age by just moving into a box and eating at the local church every day. Oh so lucky he retired at 30 and enjoys his time now. Aren't you so jealous 😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 looking forward to a revamp of this channel.

  4. 2gethersomewhere

    We hope things will open up again soon. We were travelling in Thailand from Feb til May but then had to return to the USA. We're almost ready to return once things get better. Keep your updates coming! Gar and Ann

  5. Win Watjana

    Thank you for your spreading of Phuket Sandbox news starting from 1st July. Phuket really needs quality tourists right now to revive the dying economy.

  6. Adrian P

    Guys, its back to 14 days on the Island for the Phuket Sandbox and you get tested on arrival and after 5 days (2 tests x 3,000bht each) and now they have added tracking bracelets. Basically DON'T COME TO Thailand, they will treat you like a dirty diseased criminals. No fun.

  7. Alfred E Neuman

    So incredibly painful to see the country closest to my heart, needlessly suffering for so long. Land of the Thais should have opened 1 July 2020

  8. John Lee

    Government is so stupid.. You're vaccinated and therefore safer than most over there…yet u need a test to fly there n get another test when u get there. What a spectacular failure in policy.

  9. Brianna Bee

    That food sure looked great and wouldn't you know it, but Cork doesn't have anything like this so now we have to go there to at least try the cuisine! I've really enjoyed your expose' on Thailand and thanks be to you Alina, we are booked for the second week of October.

  10. JC Bluntch

    Chris is the man. I've been watching Thailand videos since 2017, I was there in 2018/2019 for several months. The rise of his channel so quickly shows two tings 1) there is a stronger interest in Thailand than ever 2) Never short sell solid production, it's value and its ability to attract and keep viewers.
    When in Thailand, eat a seafood Omelet, it's nothing like what you would expect from the west.
    If you want the full food tour try linking up with Mark Wiens if he's in country.

    Thanks Alina

  11. catherine clinchard horiuchi

    it looks amazingly quiet as if all thai people had left the city to go back to their home town no one is interested in trading anymore people are looking for a better quality in a meaning full cheerful life no rat race no pushing people over …..peacefully happy living we might be able to recycle every useless things and purify beautify our lives……..and being more considerate to people and to one an'other.

  12. Tom Bremer

    Glad the two of you met. I watched his videos on Apartment rentals in Thailand. I am using his information to plan my Trip to Thailand the winter of 2022-2023

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