Travel Thailand June 2020 | International flight in July | Update Thailand | Thailand #TeyaSuchira

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Travel Thailand June2020 l International flight in July l Update Thailand
Today I come to Santi Chai Prakarn park in Banglumpu, Bangkok
To update video about when you should travel to Thailand

Thailand is going to open for international flight in 1 July 2020
But we haven’t heard about if tourists can come in July. It’s between a discussion to make a decision which countries will be allowed to travel here but not all can come in July.

Let’s see and keep eyes on Thailand.

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40 Replies to “Travel Thailand June 2020 | International flight in July | Update Thailand | Thailand #TeyaSuchira”

  1. Paul Maserati

    Don't believe the case numbers from the US. The reports from the CDC. are being manipulated 91'/. higher than the truth, because foreign hospitals get💸money to report LIES>📈 it's corrupt policy

  2. Alexa Fier

    I really waiting for international flight in thailand, coz my France bf has plann to us to have vacation in Thailand this year 🙁 especially my birthday in August

  3. Randal Marsh 79

    I live in New York i want to return to vist friend's in krabi town Thailand so when can i do so ???? Can someone maybe hive me any news or updates


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  5. James Randle

    Thank you for wonderful Vlog.
    I like many others are desperate to return to Thailand. I was so happy when it was announced that International Flights from 1st July last month I booked flight immediately. Then last week I found out only certain Asian Countries allowed – no European's. I later found out through various sources in Thailand that European's at earliest late October/ November but that could be put back if Covid-19 return's. I understand what the Thai Government is doing to protect its people but when you have wife's children girlfriends it's very hard not to see them and Thailand will suffer even more than they already are if Cambodia and Vietnam open up before them because people will go to these Countries and discover the people are just as nice but there money will go a lot further.
    Stay safe and well everybody 🙏

  6. Cory Smaglik

    Hopefully I can travel to Thailand from America on next month's July. I bought my ticket before bulshit endemic. LOL. But I'm waiting every day on the news. And Embassy still don't tell me nothing

  7. andrew johnson

    Thailand is doing great but they are also crippling the economy because of no tourism. They want to keep the virus out but they will kill there own people because of poverty and starvation. They can keep there borders closed maybe until a vaccine next year but it will have a devastating result on the poorer people out there. The rich people are fine but the poor people are not. I pray for them.

  8. Nina

    I was suppose to be coming next month for 3 month stay, but decided to cancel my plans and put on hold any travel this year as its too risky… hopefully we can come next year🙏? Thank you for update very good information… love the fortress beautiful! ❤

  9. dazza2024

    Giddy There Ms Teya, You speak in such a kind & caring way straight for the heart Thank-you for the update on Thailand it's a do I or don't I world at the moment I am sure things will get better. D.

  10. Kirby T

    Thank you so much for the tips and suggestions for future travel to Thailand.
    Love your vlogs 👍🙏👍🇨🇦🇨🇦

    Thank you So much for sharing ❤️

  11. Simo’s Thailand

    Praying 🙏 August flights occur & the UK is in a better place so us Brits are allowed in ☹️
    Nice back-drop to the video 😎👍🏻🙏 take care

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