Thailand Travel & Reopening Update: New Restrictions in Bangkok & Other Provinces

Update on what’s happening around Thailand this week. Right around the same time when Phuket opens for vaccinated travellers without quarantine (the Phuket Sandbox), there are new restrictions for Bangkok as covid-19 cases surge. How long will these new restrictions last, and what are they?

The reopening of Thailand without quarantine, the Phuket sandbox – what are the new requirements to enter Thailand?

Some expats living in Thailand can have their vaccination shots. And babies in a Thai hospital are given tiny face shields.

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Phuket Sandbox info

Unvaccinated at-risk British Nationals in Thailand

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25 Replies to “Thailand Travel & Reopening Update: New Restrictions in Bangkok & Other Provinces”

  1. Pietro Mora

    Yes a great idea but the problem is the Australian government aren't letting people in or out freely, they are to wrapped up in being in control of everything and everyone.

  2. hartfordlin

    # Is at Third world war!(Biological warfare) CCP Virus!

    WHO=CHO ! CCP=Troublemaker!

    CCP vaccines are not recognized in Europe and the United States!

  3. Bill c

    The Thai government doesn't know what happened in Bangkok. Those who run the government are military. They don't know anything about public service.

  4. W Wright

    Seems a huge wave coming all over as no lockdown of BKK, so now from weeks of 0 new daily to double digit new. And the most used vaccines only about 50% effective

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