Thailand Tourism Update 🇹🇭 VACCINES?!? 🇹🇭 Bangkok News

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In this Thailand Tourism Update, there is only 1 month to go until the Phuket Sandbox model begins, where tourists are supposed to be allowed back into Thailand without having to face quarantine for the first time since this all began. Will it happen? Is it fully reopening? What’s the latest? All of this and more in today’s program – 60 Seconds in Thailand. This episode also includes updates on a sex party in Bangkok, Cannabis Tourism in Thailand, and the Toronto Maple Leafs playoff series.
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34 Replies to “Thailand Tourism Update 🇹🇭 VACCINES?!? 🇹🇭 Bangkok News”

  1. Michael Thomas

    i read that a COE (Certificate Of Entry) is required at least 15-days prior to entering Phuket? Can you list what documents are required for entry as of June 9, 2021? I also read that if you received a Covid-19 vaccination 90-days prior to entry into Thailand, you will not be able to enter? If you have been vaccinated what would be the problem? There are no booster shots at this point of covid.

  2. Stuart Wild

    It shouldn’t need to be stated but there is no “undo” from the covid vaccine. Once you’re injected with spike proteins found in the vaccine, you can’t simply remove them or reverse their effects.

    Most (gullible) people who took covid vaccines believed the media lies that claimed the virus was of “natural” origin. Thus, if they thought about it at all, they probably figured the spike protein was also a “natural” particle derived from creatures living in nature. What they did not understand, of course, is that SARS-CoV-2 was developed as a biological weapon, and the spike protein was specifically engineered to attack human tissue via ACE-2 receptors.

    Thus, by injecting themselves with spike proteins in the form of a “vaccine,” they are actually injecting themselves with a biological weapon developed by the communist Chinese military, with the help of illicit funds initiated by Fauci and laundered through the EcoHealth non-profit, ultimately directing the funds to China’s “bat lady” research on humanized mice (genetically engineered to have human-like lung tissue in order to maximize the bioweapons attack on humans).

  3. Jerry Bender

    Thats silly of course the masses will come back– Just not with tests n Jabs required PERIOD– Let me no when they isolate the CVsars2virus (because they havent yet) and give a real test for it not a fake PCR test. And oh u can trust Fauci or can u? His emails seem to show he was lying his bum off to congress about gain of function or weaponization of COVID and was funding the CCP for years from US taxpayers… well isnt that special… Enjoy ur blood clots people or hold fast till this scam blows over PS Chris this ones for u buddy u shood look up I mean right now Morgellons disease people are getting from the Nasal Swab! Oppps

  4. Valee Thai Massage

    the fact is the leader in Thailand is waiting on one type of vaccine . The Thai news updated was that , the country will open Krabi, Surathani and Phuket to tourists whom are fully vaccinated . However one must remain in that province for 14 days before going to other provinces

  5. Pon Young

    Thank you and fall information I am leaving and United States Denver Colorado but I’m fire Taylan wanker that’s my hometown thank you for all of my county have fun be safe keep doing what you’re doing your job

  6. Johnny Explorer India

    New Rules For Phuket ,
    instead of 7 Day's Compulsory stay now it's increase for(If Vaccinated) 14 Day's after 14 Days of stay in Phuket, you can move on others province's in thailand…. It's a bad news for us …and Indian citizens are Banned till now …..No indinan is permitted for Thailand …have to wait till 3rd octobar 21
    God bless Thailand 🙏🏻💞💞

  7. Venture Cici

    I'm so glad that Thailand is using this opportunity to get away from sex tourism & re-orient towards medical tourism. Thailand deserves a much better reputation than it currently has.

  8. Robert Jung

    So many people in Thailand and such a low number of deaths are vaccines really even needed or is this another agenda. Why are no one reporting the effects of the vaccines side effects and people testing positive after vaccines. Chris great video and reporting. The world plan-DEm Ic is unbelievable. Still your great to report all the updates love to learn about Thailand.

  9. Alexisstoned

    420, sex parties. Sanava bits, I'm in! 😀 Btw, it is the year of one and only Avalanche. Moose Rantanen has put a backpack on and let everybody on the team to hop in.

  10. Joy Klaharn

    Hello Chris , my name is Joy, just arrived in Bangkok 4 days ago from Las Vegas USA. Still has to quarantine for 14 days even though I had my Pfizer vaccines shots before travel.

  11. Jeremy Phelps

    I cant imagine traveling for days, spending all that money and jumping through all these hoops to visit a country where you cant do anything…. what's the point.

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