This is life on an island in Thailand

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Hi my name is Lilly and I am an American expat living on the island of Koh Samui in the gulf of Thailand for the last 8 years. My husband is Thai and his name is Wat. We have 2 half Thai, half American boys named Luke and Leon. Nam is our Nanny and she is like family to us. She is from Myanmar and has worked for us for over 6 years.
Wat and I have owned several businesses together on Maenam walking street in Koh Samui. Right now our restaurant Lilikoi Bistro is closed but we will let you know when we reopen.
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44 Replies to “This is life on an island in Thailand”

  1. Juliana Gilbert Langit

    Greatest asset to the family,take great care of Lilly’s kids and make the house clean 🧽 and she’s sincere to do her tasks and Lilly treat Nam like their own family – Salute Lilly 🥰❤️ and to Your good looking sons

    #lotsofmouthwatering/nicefoods ❤️

  2. 3hunglow

    I’m Thai and my wife is American Blonde. We live in Las Vegas. We’ve been together since high school so 30+ years. She loves Thai food. It’s uncommon to see this combination of interracial relationship, Thai man and American woman.

    I came across your channel the other day. I’m glad that you found love and able to adapt to Thai lifestyle. Most American women and my wife included would not be able to adapt as well as you have.

    Love your vlogs.

  3. Damien McFadden

    You’re video content is fantastic Lilly. Thank-you for keeping us motivated during this sad time as we miss our Thai family in Bangkok.
    I’m hoping my daughter gets to cuddle Grandma within the next two years 🙏
    In the meantime please keep these videos coming.
    Damien, Thanyanan & Tish x

  4. Pink Flamingo

    What an awesome video once again. Good job Lilly. Keep going, sweet lady. Love Leon's blue Thai harem pants. So cute. Can't wait to see Leon walk his first steps. Most beautiful boy, both your boys. What a joy to watch your beautiful family every time. Hope you keep going with your lovely videos. You bring so much joy to everyone at home. God bless.

  5. Merlyn Concessio

    Such a lovely video , as always the Thai songs you play are fantastic, Luke and Leon are blessed to have Naam. Nice to see Wat always smiling in your videos.

  6. Amber Trinity

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