Latest Phuket Sandbox Updates + Domestic Travel in Thailand

Are you curious to find out more about the latest Phuket Sandbox rules and domestic travel and interprovincial travel in Thailand right now? The TAT have provided some updates about the current changes. I’ll share this information with you in this video.

These changes affect flights, buses, trains and boat services. If you’re planning to travel to Phuket domestically please make sure you check the current rules about how to travel to and enter Phuket Sandbox.

Air Asia have suspended all of their domestic flights until the 31st of July. All passengers affected by these suspensions will receive either an sms or email explaining the options available to them.

Bangkok Airways has temporarily cancelled the following roundtrip flights during the period of 13-31 July, 2021: Bangkok – Chiang Mai, Bangkok – Phuket, Bangkok – Sukhothai, Bangkok – Lampang, and Bangkok – Trat.

The following flights are operating as normal:
Bangkok – Samui (roundtrip) at 2 flights per day.
Sealed route flights between Bangkok and Samui accommodating international transit passengers at 3 flights per day.
Samui – Phuket (roundtrip) at 4 flights per week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (available from 16 July, 2021 onwards).

Nok Air has advised its domestic routes are still operating as per normal during the period of 11-31 July, 2021.

Thai Vietjet announced it will maintain flight operations on its entire flight network (although some operations will be reduced in coming weeks), including flights from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hat Yai, Khon Kaen, Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phuket, Surat Thani, Ubon Ratchathani, and Udon Thani.

Bus Travel
Transport Co., Ltd., which oversees all interprovincial bus services, has announced that as of 10 July, 2021, all bus services between Bangkok and Southern Thailand – including to Phuket – have been halted until further notice.

Three bus routes from Bangkok to Northern Thailand are operating at one roundtrip service per day. These being: Bangkok – Khlong Lan, Bangkok – Lom Sak, and Bangkok – Uttaradit.

As of Wednesday 14th July 7 international arrivals to Phuket Sandbox have tested positive for COVID-19. This is from a total of approximately 5,000 arrivals to the island since the 1st July.

There is a rule change with Phuket Sandbox for domestic travellers. Previously you could enter Phuket if you were either fully vaccinated, had received a negative covid result within the last 7 days or could show documentation confirming you had recovered from covid-19 within the last 90 days. On the screen I am now showing a list of the 10 provinces in the dark red zone and the 24 provinces in the red zone. Anyone travelling to Phuket from any of these provinces must be fully vaccinated with covid-19 vaccines or received one dose of astrazeneca at least 14 days before before travelling OR recovered from covid-19 within the last 90 days. In addition to this everyone must have received a negative RT-PCR test or Antigen no more than 7 days before travelling.

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33 Replies to “Latest Phuket Sandbox Updates + Domestic Travel in Thailand”

  1. Mona's Vlog

    If the airlines resume the flight by the end of the month or first week of August. Do you need any requirements to travel from Bangkok to Phuket? Aside the PCR test ?

  2. T D

    Still trying to book a flight from Westcoast USA to Samui. EVA Air shows "error" when I try and no real explanation as to why.
    The TAT website states we need to book the sealed Samui flight at on the same ticket as the international flight, but how?

  3. Facewest

    A Word of caution about AXA insurance:
    Keep a copy of your credit card receipt that shows your purchase of AXA insurance.
    The hospital gets tasked with asking you for this information.
    AXA will ask if your condition was pre existing.
    The hospital will ask you to pay for your stay out of your own pocket then you have to try to get your money from AXA.
    AXA appears to be poised to not pay you for any reason.
    Just thought I should give a heads up!
    Even though you bought AXA insurance you can not leave the hospital until the hospital gets their money.
    Keep every document relating to AXA insurance. So your vacation can still be ruined if you do not have a lot of reserve money or credit limit.

    Email AXA documents to yourself so you can forward them to the hospitals administration department.
    If you find your self in the situation of going to the hospital make sure you have your charging gear for your phone and a sim card that allows you to call your home country or adjust your cell phone carrier to allow international calls.

    Let people know were you are if you can. There is a patient number on your hospital wrist band you may need to use it to make it easier for you to be contacted at the hospital numbers get through better than words when talking with other languages.

  4. john fletch

    me and my fiance are travelling to thailand mid august i will be in the sandbox and she will be doing her quarantine before in bangkok then she will come and meet me in phuket when my 14 days has also ended we are free to travel back to bangkok to get married and then we can go where we want as long as we are vaccinated ?

  5. Knightwar ffxi

    I have one more Question applying for my COE. it won't let me finish the first step. it says * Travellers to the Sandbox Programme can apply for COE within 30 days before the arrival date in Thailand* i am arriving in Thailand on August 20th is it because its only July 17th it won't work. not within 30days? I must apply on 20th of July?

  6. Facewest

    I just learned something today. When you buy AXA insurance buy it from the Thailand based AXA Insurance website Because

    Thai hospitals only want to work with Thailand based AXA insurance. This will save you a lot of stress. Getting AXA from an outside country adds a layer of problems.

    When going to the hospital bring your.

    Last Covid Test
    Location of where you are staying.

    Be prepared to pay for ambulance up front 5800 Baht in my case.

    Which is to be reimbursed to you.

    Also good idea to email all documents to your self which worked out great as the team here used my phone to email documents to where need to be for.
    The Bangkok line is hospitals are great!

  7. Knightwar ffxi

    J&J is one shot. not two. can i enter Thailand/ Phuket sandbox with that Vaccine? so much information on what they accept. but most of what i find was back in March. Not sure if anything changed.

  8. David Edinburgh

    I'm flying on 1st November to Bangkok …. i was going to spend a few days before moving on…. but maybe I should have destined for Koh samui or Phuket ? Because In transit would avoid any quarantine in bangkok if the situation doesn't change ? Do you think all will be normal before November ? Would you change for a sandbox destination ? I hope you follow me Andrew …. David

  9. why believe? just ask

    1. "if existing viruses" go around fast, most people in the world, have viruses already. so, we have a, herd immunity ( = 70-90 % of all people in 1 country, recovered, possible without symptoms ), in the world, after 1.5 year for sure.

    1.2 viruses are not killer viruses, otherwise, most infected people, would not recover.

    2. and "if" a virus-form is new, takes time to have herd immunity, then normally, same for making vaccines. 🙂

    3. most people, never trusted governments and news with experts, and not think now, those viruses are dangerous, because not know, personally, corona virus deaths, except of few, old sick people, who died soon anyway, on that-health care, based life.

    3.2 "if" somebody wants to help, give education /true knowledge, starts with take self-responsibility ( article 1, civil rights, ohc hr ), in a healthy body, without panic views, for to live your life.

    4. will be good, "if" most news tell, almost all people in the world, with positive ( pcr virus test ) result = new infected people /cases, are not sick, also not before and after. if you talk with many and different people, you know.

    4.2 most people who go out of home, are younger and healthier, and most sicker people who go out, wear mask, so, not have much, problematic new cases /new sick people.

    4.3 be little sick, and few, virus-sick people, is a crisis, for a country or the world ?

    4.4 "if" you can give viruses to other people, when most people got vaccines, then much new cases, are still found. ( no treatment, and change life base )

    5. maybe, most people should want, ( use your mind ), tv says, all people are infected. then all people see, most are not sick.

    5.2 so, no problem in world without tv ( think outside of, Tell a "Vision". Tv = sell products and ideas, by to use fear, at guilty feelings and lack “imagination” ), and no treatment needed. article 1 . 🙂

  10. Aisha

    I don't know if you'll remember but I've been asking about domestic travel here and on various other channels. I had already completed quarantine and the info out there wasn't very clear. Ok, so I flew from BKK to Krabi 4 weeks ago and I am fully vaccinated but my 18 year old isn't and at that time we just showed up at the Airport and when they asked for vaccination certs I gave them the quarantine docs. Too be honest, I'm not sure uf they really knew what they were looking at but we came through. We just had to download an app called Mor Chana or something. From Krabi, I ended up bussing it to Phuket because no one had any info on the requirements as all everyone keep talking about is PHUKET. I didn't want to risk it because if I flew it was via Bangkok (red zone) & I was going from yellow yo yellow. I didn't need anything as I'm vaccinated but daughter needed antigen test. Everyone kept saying you need a PCR (do you know how pricey those are)? Anyway, the person at the clinic told me an antigen is good enough for domestic travel and that actually worked. Hated Phuket, was surrounded with old men and young thai ladies so flew out of there and straight to Chiang Mai. Requirements for my daughter were an antigen test again and the download of an app. In a couple of weeks I will need to leave Chiang Mai and go to Bangkok (yellow to dark red). Can anyone tell me what the requirements are for GOING to a dark red zone?? Once I do that journey, I'll share that with you too 🙂. Sorry if I come across annoyed, it's been frustrating as everyone is talking about how to get into Phuket from red/dark red but no info anywhere else for the rest of us…

  11. james allan

    Just went to Bangkok for Medical Employment checkup , Now I cant go back to my Condo in Phuket as I am not vaccinated , yet if I had covid in last 90 days I can ! .

  12. Ismail Gursoy

    Hi! Whats the cheapest 100.000$ covid covered health insurance? I found safety wings and insubuy insurance (26-40$ a month) do u know much cheaper?

  13. Saranya Rathanon

    Question If the Phuket trial is considered a success then what happens If its considered a fail do they scrap any more trials?

    Huahin are saying 1st October you can stay no quarantine if vaccinated

  14. Josh OMGosh

    What if the first dose was Sinovac and the second dose is AstraZeneca now? Can they enter Phuket without waiting for two weeks?

    Nobody seems to be able to answer this question 100% now.

  15. Nitro

    Hi, great video very informative 👍. I have a few questions I’m hoping someone can answer as there’s so much uncertainty with the new Phuket sandbox.

    What’s happens if one passenger on the same flight tests positive for Covid. Are you forced into a state quarantine for 14 days? Even though you’ve tested negative for Covid before and after arrival.

    What happens if one person at the SHA hotel is tested positive for Covid on day 7? Is the entire hotel forced into 14 day quarantine?

    If that’s the case it’s a bit of a gamble travelling to Thailand. Being locked up for 14 days in one room from no fault of your own and you’re not even positive for Covid. And on top of that you have to pay for it all.

  16. W.Victor Cao

    A month ago I rode a train from Bangkok to Chiangmai; I had to download an app in Chiangmai train station before exiting. Other than that no questions or problems.

  17. Billy Moulds

    Hi Andrew .
    Thanks and very helpful. I'm due to fly into Bangkok on 31/7/2021/straight into quarantine…don't know if it helps anyone..I have my COE..and have had both jabs. Just had an e-mail from Royal Thai Embassy.that once I have done the quarantine I'm free to travel Thailand.😊

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