Carabao (Thai: คาราบาว) are a Thai rock band which is very popular in Thailand and other Asian countries.The group was formed in 1976 by university students Yuenyong Opakul (Aed) and Kirati Promsaka Na Sakon Nakhon (Keo or Khiao) who met while studying in the Philippines. The word carabao is Tagalog meaning “buffalo”, a symbol of fighting, hard work, and patience.
Carabao’s songs often tackle social and political issues, demanding social justice and taking on the causes of the ordinary Thai people, but they have also created love songs and more philosophical songs that carry messages for people everywhere.
Carabao is the most popular Thai rock group of all time. Carabao has reached cult status long ago and is now one of the most successful legendary rock groups in the world. They are compared with U2.

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  1. Kevin Hall

    Michael Quinn 66yo (Ferang) living in Chomburi who knew Carabao guitarist and went to concerts. Sometimes send drinks on stage for them and chat after show. He died and wanted band to know forever his love for Carabao their music and sincere modesty as people. Congrats to band's EPL soccer Chelsea FC win a Cup and if Carabao awant to roll a dice I will send my son to play for Chelsea to win bigger Cup next year! Thank you from ichael and his family. 🙂

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