Cost Of Living In Phuket Thailand (average daily spend) & A DOBERMAN

Cost Of Living In Phuket Thailand (average daily spend) & A DOBERMAN
Another cost of living in Thailand video this is our average daily spend, plus we bump into a huge doberman dog and a buffalo, luckily it was the friendliest dog i have met here yet. We share these videos to show how you can eat and live really well on a good budget in Phuket Thailand

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43 Replies to “Cost Of Living In Phuket Thailand (average daily spend) & A DOBERMAN”

  1. The Untypical German

    I found Phuket to be more expensive than other places I have visited in Thailand. Could also be because I was in a really touristy area.

  2. G M57

    Thanks for this video, I have been searching for a realistic price break down of expenses for Thailand, I know it will be different people in different areas but your break down was excellent. Again thanks great job.

  3. The Mitch Graham

    Me and my wife take comfort in. Or ally travelling around SE Asia – I take comfort in Rich and Maybelle’s videos as it save me having the UK blues! Respect to you both and best of luck with the business – be there in 2022 so keep it going 🙏🏻

  4. gabriel mateos

    Hi guys, very inspiring videos, i really appreciate it. It would be very useful to know how much you guys are paying for the rent of the cafe, or how much would cost to rent a cafe more town oriented. Think of how many people watching you and dream on opening a cafe in Thailand and would like to know how much could cost to keep it open. Another thing, could you change your cafe registration and sale alcohol or food in the future? Thank you so much warriors, you deserve the best for enthusiastic and braves

  5. The Art of Engineering

    Coffee as much as entire breakfast!!!….but still cheaper than Sydney!! Gotta love Thailand!! The people….food….culture….Can't wait to get back!

  6. Kenneth Walker

    Hi Richie.really like your videos,try not to miss one..Think you two will make out once some tourist come back.Because that is a nice place to sit and have a coffee.And with your wife's cute smile will surely help lol!

  7. Anthony Carney

    That food looked very good u r so lucky to have a butiful wife and lvg there hopefully I will get back to puket do the lottery u r so lucky enjoy it all🍀🍀💕

  8. dave denham

    Buy a pair of hair clippers for the approval of 20 quid for a good one, my wife’s been cutting my hair for the last 16 years and there’s nothing wrong with my hairstyle. Great investment mate we should try it, I must’ve saved probably £1000

  9. dave denham

    You should maybe mention to people who are thinking of coming there and living there for a long time to go and do the daily shopping in Phuket old town not on Katabeach or Katonon beach all those areas for the tourists….just saying:)

  10. dave denham

    Just a suggestion, very useful video but when you telling people the prices, if they’ve never been to Thailand it would make sense to say the thai price and then convert it into pounds, for example when you buy that food for 45 but just say that is the equivalent of £1.10

  11. ozthaisurprise

    I didn’t trust Doberman dogs either, but now I do. LOL. I think my fear came from the movie Boys in Brazil, when I watched it as a 14 year old.

  12. Dan Benson

    I just subscribed to your channel, love how you 2 get along and show the different bars. I go to Pattaya but love any beach plus my son has been to Phuket. Your wife is very beautiful and I like your positive attitude. I live in America so seeing your videos helps to break the boredom here and hope Thailand lifts all the restrictions so I can return again. Thanks and take care!!!

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