BEST Thai NIGHT MARKET Street Foods! – Rod Fai Train Market Tour

I went to the Rod Fai Night Market (Train Market ) in Bangkok Thailand and it was the BEST Night Market I have ever been to! The food was spectacular, it was spicy, delicious and insane amount of selections.

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47 Replies to “BEST Thai NIGHT MARKET Street Foods! – Rod Fai Train Market Tour”

  1. Noy Ma

    Mikey, you should go to Laos night market! Guarantee you will love the papaya salad and other great foods there. Will be in Vientiane mid November, would love to take you around 😁😁

  2. V Rida

    Many Americans love hot Chili's, and Thai food is very popular in major urban areas in the US where it can be found. Of course it would be even better in Thailand, that's inevitable, but it's still quite good here too. Don't forget, many Americans visit Thailand and have experienced the cuisine in it's full blown glory. As for me, I love the lemon grassy, fish saucy, galangal flavors in the broths and dishes, and the exotic little pieces of meat, vegetable, etc…..

  3. TechGaming

    Hey mike……love your videos…… watched all of them loved it loved the food…,…..a suggestion for u, since u travel a lot and eat different types of food and use different utensils every time, why don't u have a permanent pack of your utensils (spoon fork,etc) with u everytime……that way u can reduce the plastic consumption at your end and suggest the same to everyone!

  4. chanapol pimsen

    The origin of this Train market is actually just because in the beginning, the market was located in the area of State Railway of Thailand’s property (just near by JJ market). Then they had to move out due to the new MRT station. So they moved out and kept the name.

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