Quarantine Island?! Thailand Reopening | Phuket Sandbox Programme Part 1

Quarantine Island?! Thailand Reopening | Phuket Sandbox Programme Part 1

This Thailand travel vlog, we are working with @fanclubthailand as they send us out to experience Thailand’s reopening with the Phuket sandbox programme. This programme allows travellers to avoid a long hotel quarantine and instead the island itself acts as the quarantine. Thailand has vaccinated the island and with regular testing and temperature checks, travellers can have the peace of mind of a safe holiday in paradise. This video we experience an amazing villa, Phuket’ first ethical elephant sanctuary and a relaxing spa.

➡️ Please note that travel restrictions and rules are always changing and may have been updated since this video was made. Always do your research before booking a trip👍

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Links to place we visited
⭐Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

⭐Anantara Mai Khao

⭐Oasis Spa

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35 Replies to “Quarantine Island?! Thailand Reopening | Phuket Sandbox Programme Part 1”

  1. Asian Auditor

    Now you've see the "top end" of the "sandbox" arrangement that is only affordable by the few, you're in for a BIG disappointment staying down market. As of today restrictions are even tighter!

  2. Laura Buchanan

    Thank you for the video Thailand is beautiful I love elephants I don't like pain. That's why I'm afraid of massages a gentle massage would be better. I'm not ready yet.

  3. Brian Brown

    All bars closed. Shopping Malls closed. Restaurants must close at 8-9pm No alcohol to be served or consumed. Are you sure? Seems pretty crap to me for the huge cost and all the hoops to jump through. Simply not worth the money. Btw I am a expat resident here in Thailand 15 years.

  4. Destination X

    Phuket sandbox seems to be failing and restrictions are becoming more and more across the whole country, and with the recent sickening rape and Murder of a swiss Woman on Phuket island a few days ago its not looking good RIP my heart goes out to her family and friends.

  5. Escape With Us

    Wow you make it look like it’s not a national lock down 😂 we fly home tomorrow because nothing is open outside of Phuket 🤦‍♂️

  6. Little Wandering Wren

    Greetings from down the road on Phuket – lovely to see you enjoying life in the Sandbox – they picked a winner of a hotel Anantara Mai Khao villas was my last staycation, loved it. Thank you for coming!

  7. ihereha

    Just because you're staying in the luxury hotel, you didn't see the REAL situation in Phuket and Thailand yet. Most of the business dies, no nightlife, tourist money didn't go to local business. I dare you to book the plane ticket to Bangkok now, let's see if you could make it. lolololololololo
    It does not reopen, it just reimaging Thailand's situation.

  8. Con Ka

    Interesting. I didn't hear anything about Triage in some hospitals, no emergency beds, people dying on the streets from Covid and hunger. Record numbers of Covid cases all around the country. Sandbox tourists robbed and today a young woman (Snadbox-Tourist) robbed, raped and killed. The Thailand you are describing doesn't exist. Freeloaders!!

  9. Stefan

    I walked with Elephants in a good Sanctuary up in Chiang Mai but they were so giddy it was pretty scary to be honest when there's 5 of them hounding you for food ha! Great vid i'm considering going back to Thailand later in the year!

  10. david green

    God who watches this shit? For some reason this popped up in my feed. Possibly because I completed the Phuket Sandbox a couple of weeks ago but didn't feel the need to bore the crap out of everyone on YouTube.

    Had to LOL at the clickbait thumbnail – could you be more of a cliche'?

  11. Sox Rox

    Great to see The Beans traveling internationally again 😀 ✈ I usually enjoy the travel day going to somewhere but the trip home can be a drag. I have a trip scheduled for October in Las Vegas. It will be the first time being out of state since February 2020.

  12. H B

    I can’t thank you enough for raising awareness of the plight of animals being used as a commodity for human entertainment and exploitation. There are so many better ways for us to enjoy the majesty and beauty of our wildlife. Also thanks a lot for making me long to go to Thailand a place I’ve never felt the need to go to. Cheers and keep safe 🥰

  13. Jo Montanee

    I feel like the westerners’ attitude on elephants are cold and detached in the name of sanctuary. We Thais grow up with the elephants. We himans and elephants cohabitat and coliving together as a family. “Quan”
    or the handler love and take care of his elephant like his own kid.

    So I don’t think I agree with the western way.

  14. Heron House

    Wowzers, you lucky beans, that looks my kind of quarantine. The scheme looks great, looks like they are about to add an option for 7 days Phuket then 7 days elsewhere too, Railay beach (near Krabi) was amazing when we went around 15 years ago. If only we had some spare dosh right now, I'd seriously consider it. The villas look absolutely stunning. Very envious of you both – in a good way! Have a fantastic time.

  15. Peter Austin

    As a Brit living on Phuket for three years now, this has been great to watch … The island is really struggling with the COVID impact on tourism, so your video makes wonderful viewing.

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