Pros and Cons of Travelling To Thailand Now

Are you uncertain as to whether travelling to Thailand now is a good or bad idea?

Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of travelling to Thailand right now in 2021. There are currently two options available. You can travel to Thailand and spend your first 14 nights in an ALQ or ASQ hotel. Alternatively, if you’re fully vaccinated you can fly to either Phuket Sandbox or Samui + and spend your first 14 nights in a SHA+ certified hotel.


A comment we receive regularly is – “why would I travel to Thailand and jump through all of these hoops when there are other countries with much easier options?” I completely agree with that point of view.

1. An opportunity to travel to Thailand without quarantine. You might have been separated from your family, partner or friends for an extended period of time and the opportunity to be reunited with them with no quarantine can be very appealing.

2. If you love a bit of peace and tranquility you definitely get that right now throughout Thailand. If the idea of having a full stretch of beach to yourself appeals to you then right now you can literally take your pick. You might see the odd person at the beach but generally you’ve got the whole place to yourself.

3. Because of the lack of tourists there are a lot of great deals on hotels and also short or long term rentals. Many villas are offering discounted rates.


1. The trip is considerably more expensive than usual due to the COVID tests and insurance which you must pay for.

2. The trip does come with a risk. If any of your COVID tests return positive you would then spend the remainder of your holiday in a medical centre.

3. If you enjoy nightlife and entertainment then you would be very disappointed as that doesn’t exist throughout the country right now.

Now, of course I could go on with more pros and cons but I just wanted to start this of with three pros and three cons and then give you the opportunity to have your say. Even if you don’t want to share an opinion please do one thing for us and just type either pros or cons in the comments to let us know which side you sway mostly towards.

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29 Replies to “Pros and Cons of Travelling To Thailand Now”

  1. Rambling Rick

    Pro – Sandbox is worth it for a 1 year Non Immigrant OA Retirement Visa – Averaged out to an extra $100 per month over the next year for me for my October Trip. The reality is that you only are paying extra for the Special Hotel and 4 Covid Tests because you would have paid for the other things listed anyways… $35.00 Background Check for Visa

    $40.00 Airport Transfer and Transport

    $50.00 Courier Fees for Visa

    $125.00 Doctor Visit for Visa

    $200.00 1 Year Visa Fee

    $400.00 4 Covid PCR Tests

    $600.00 One way flight from Seattle

    $850.00 2 week SHRA Hotel with Daily Breakfast Buffet

    $900.00 1 Year Medical Insurance with Covid Coverage

    $3,200.00 Total

  2. NateVlog

    This was a great video bud ! I’m still trying to figure out if I should come or not at the end of the month plus. Also I would be by myself in Phuket… btw this would be my first time traveling alone. I’m not sure what to do I just wanna get over there and vlog for my Channel. At least now I know what to do to be able to get over there thank you for that. Ugh stressful !

  3. Harry Pottr

    I am going to Phuket in October because its as safe as in the UK. I hope to get a retirement visa. Do you think the case numbers will fall and some retrictions be lifted by then?

  4. Simon H

    Really enjoy your videos. Very clear and informative. For me it's a pro as I'm using the Phuket Sandbox to enter for a long term stay. There are some amazing deals on condo rentals right now. I'll be there in a couple of weeks. coe has been approved. Your tutorial on applying for coe was really helpful. Keep them coming 🙂

  5. jem benton

    Your partner has the kindest smile. I wish you both alot of happiness and thank you for sharing such clear information! All in all I think the channel is very positive.

  6. David Norminton

    Thank you for the posts my wife and myself are watching them with great interest and we are finding them most informative, we have booked flights and accommodation for a month in December and the more information we can collate the better.

    I am sure we will navigate the required steps without going round in circles.

    We can all see the pro's and con's but the fact that Thailand is reopening and someone has to be the first and make the leap or it will never get back to normal and the enjoyable vacations we have had in Koh Samui will be lost to everyone.

    Looking forward to more posts.

    Dave & Trudy

  7. Govind Myageri

    No if any one of below not same as earlier!

    1. The nightlife of Thailand
    2. Beaches/hotels/hostels with people from different parts of world.
    3. Street food

  8. ronin117

    Con I'm coming the end of August the paperwork was a pain but it'll be worth it when I get there.. but I do have to say without this channel I would not have gotten it done in such a short time

  9. Peppzzzz

    Pro: cheaper hotels And not to many tourists.

    Con: taking the risk of the 3 tests And paying that extra money for it.

    Have taken 2 months of work this January to take the risk though. Hopefully restrictions will be less then!

  10. Ali Badiee

    Pro: Right now feels like a great time to go to an otherwise normally crowded island. It will make for a more personal experience and be a relaxing and quiet holiday. Obviously there's risks in going, but many of those same risks still exist when travelling to other "less restrictive" areas of the world. We have rented a car to enjoy all parts of the island on our own terms, and are pre-booking our entertainment and experiences before we leave (contacting the companies to ensure they are open).

  11. Bruce S

    I think it’s ridiculous that you’ve been accused of only promoting getting back to Thailand. I think your reports have been the most balanced of any of the vloggers on Thailand. Keep it up.

  12. Burgh n at

    Con: as much as I would love to return it is just far too difficult, expensive and risky (risk of testing positive and being locked up at thousands of dollars of additional expense) It is long past time Thailand vaccinates it’s people and gets on with life. We are well into the second year of the country being closed to tourists. Unfortunately it will probably take many years to recover the tourism industry, if ever.

  13. Darren Little

    Everybody’s got different circumstances for me I have a son and a fiance there haven’t seen two years So I land in Thailand on the 23rd of December and whatever it is it is for me it’s not about the money being with my family amazing video Andrew well done stay safe

  14. Tico MOLINARI

    Cons: too much regulations & hash conditions especially the COE (certificate of entry) which stresses you out just before to take the flights…!
    If they make things complicated with paperwork, it s a failure to get more tourists because you pay a trip for pleasure even It s costly but it s not for all checks & controls…!

  15. David Shepherd

    Hey Andrew one question for you when applying for travel insurance. Do I put the start date the day I fly or the day I arrive in Thailand???
    So confused
    And same when flying home

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