YES You CAN travel around THAILAND 2021

FINALLY leaving Bangkok: Yes, you CAN travel around THAILAND 2021… officially, the hotel in Petchaburi sent us the QR code to fill in details to allow us to travel. Check out this amazing hotel on the beach, it’s so good! Would you come now you know travel isn’t restricted.

To get your qr code to travel:

This hotel:

Adams channel I mention:




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23 Replies to “YES You CAN travel around THAILAND 2021”

  1. Rick G

    Yes I would stay there but you definitely need to bring your own “friend” at all these places or you’ll just be lonely. Looks like I will delay my return from November to January. Even though you’re doing ok, not enough for me to return so soon.

  2. Alex Jeffery

    Just left family in Thailand gutted , btw Dan you got me through my
    Quarantine hotel in Bangkok, will continue to watch you in uk 🇬🇧🇹🇭🔥

  3. Jaseem Ahmed

    Thailand is a great country going though travails which it finds outside its extraordinary historical experience. But the country is resilient. And while I can’t counter the current difficulties faced by many farangs, , which I respect, I would point to one big thing…that Thailand has acquired the capability to produce the Astrazaneca vaccine locally which will in the long term assure its future against the pandemic. In addition, the country has had over twenty years of joint work with the US CDC which has given it a strong capacity for research – don’t forget that Thailand produced a local test for the Covid virus in early January in 2020 – something the US failed catastrophically in achieving. Thailand also has a centralized public administration infrastructure – and health infrastructure – that goes down to the village level. This has no parallel in, for example, in the USA, although of course the UK and its fantastic network of hospitals through the NHS give it a capability that exceeds that of most other countries. The bottom line is that the widespread coverage of public dissatisfaction in Thailand with the impact of current policies points to a common set of problems that has affected almost every country in the world, including in the EU , but not the USA and UK: namely, the absence of a willingness to to invest early in vaccine development, and in the commitment to purchase in advance many different vaccines regardless of price. Thailand, Germany, France and numerous other countries have taken this route, but I think they have realized this is route is not tenable.

  4. JB Wanders

    Hat Chao Samran!! I got married there to a local lady, in the garden of the local police chief's house on the beach, back in 2003!! Had the reception at Fisherman's Resort. Still married to the same, long suffering, lady !

  5. ruskie cleaver

    Thailand's Gold Coast, Samran, ChaAm, Hua Hin to Pranburi are the driest and sunniest area in the country. BTW that password made me chuckle, wonder if they have it emblazoned on a t-shirt? 😉

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