Northern Thailand Travel vlog – Nan Province, Chiang Mai, Phrae

In this latest Travel Vlog through Northern Thailand, we explore Nan Province, and Phrae Province, starting from Chiang Mai. I am joined by Cynthia again for another super fun trip through Thailand.

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46 Replies to “Northern Thailand Travel vlog – Nan Province, Chiang Mai, Phrae”

  1. Carl Anthony Holmes

    Been watching Western guys make vlogs with their Thai gf for many years now. More and more popular now. Your editing is great but I reckon the music could take a back seat imo. Take a leaf from Bald and bankrupt or Harald Baldr. Keep it simple. Dialogue is king. Just my dumb ass opinion though.

  2. Tsar Events Russia DMC & PCO

    Thank you for wonderful video! It is really interesting & motivating for travel. Cannot wait when all of us start travel again!


    Wow…seems like your having a blast…I made a similarly long road trip like this over ten years ago, and then continued on the western route to the Burmese border and southward thru Mae Sot which includes some fantastic scenery and some of the real Thailand outside the major cities…enjoy all this once in a lifetime ( while tourism is destroyed ) event for the next few months, before the Thailand Government takes the next step…following orders from the Global Elite…and pulls the rug out from under everyone, and institutes a more draconian Medical Martial Law Lockdown, as the Template currently being used in the Police Tyranny of your home country Australia…that is the Script and its coming fast…Just Saying…

  4. Jerry Mchummer

    You and Cynthia are quite the pair, thick as thieves as the old expression goes and it's just fun watching. Your channel should skyrocket and hoping it does, your videos are always excellent.

  5. Devin Scott

    Another nice vlog for the books! Would you mind making a video on the Thailand September restrictions update? I see they lifted some restrictions!

  6. UA

    7:40 Cynthia always knows what to wear to increase views and view time lol 🔥
    I miss how bubbly, fun and upbeat Thai girls are, you just can’t find that in the U.S.

  7. Country Man

    thanks for the video , by the way what you call this season its high season or low season , nice place thanks
    My self I am really love the season of rain and satay inside beautiful Bar and enjoy the rain . Wow Amazing .

  8. Eddie D.

    Would love to see and how to video, editing,adding music, how come some music can be use and than some can’t (like the Eminem for instance)

  9. Chris K

    The view from the place you was staying at was incredible. The drone footage gave the video that added level of crisp and perfection 👍🏻 You and Cynthia are killing it with the videos right now.

  10. craig bedford

    cynthia isa real live wire…she needs her own channel…maybe she can show us some condos too when back in bbk…that unless you are keeping her with you….

  11. PhilipCryptoLover

    Another great video. You are visiting some of my favourite provinces In Thailand. Completely different to the larger cities, but so rewarding. Hope you get to Loei province, which is the second next province to the South-East of Nan, albeit a bit tricky to get there with mountains and the Lao border jutting in.

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