Sukhothai, Thailand Travel Vlog | Part 1

This was a 6 hour trip to Sukhothai I really enjoyed this trip even though the car ride was really long. Sukhothai is a beautiful, yet quiet place. I loved looking at the ruins and making that buddha. I really recommend traveling to Thailand when the Covid is gone there are so many places to visit! I myself haven’t been to all of them but am still exploring!

*disclaimer* I wore masks in places with other people, however there wasn’t anyone there so in part of the videos (ex: us visiting the temples) I wasn’t wearing a mask because we were the only tourists. Also Thailand has little to no cases, Bangkok is where the cases are. I believe there has been no cases in Sukhothai during the time period e traveled there*

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39 Replies to “Sukhothai, Thailand Travel Vlog | Part 1”

  1. かおりKaori

    I love Thailand! Ive been there a few times 🙂 thank you for sharing your experience! I just became one of your subscribers! I do hope we could be youtube mutual and let’s share inspirations together:)

  2. katie ann

    Your bedroom looked so nice! I went to Thailand last year and this video made me miss it so much, I hope I can go back at some point 🥺❤️

  3. Maegan and Tyler

    Wow!! Looks absolutely incredible!! I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand can’t wait to some day 😊😊💛 here subbing! Looking forward to genuinely supporting each other!

  4. Flavorsoflife FOL27

    Hi! New to your channel! I am sending you my support. Hope you visit my home as well. Let's grow together. Thank you and see you!!!

  5. xuan-tien pho

    omg this looks so fun! i really wanna visit asia one day and all the asian foods makes me so hungry hahah🤩😛

    i’m a mini youtuber :))

  6. autumn russo 🚀

    Supposed to go there this summer 😢 looks so pretty!! 😍😍 discovered you from my comments and i been loving your videos so far 💖

  7. চলো পাল্টাই

    Hello beloved friend.
    I've chosen you as a best friend with package support. Done………………
    Come to my home and please stay connected.


    ike 67&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Your video is very interesting. New friends can hope you will have a lot of interesting and useful content for me to regularly visit to accompany together. Thank you my dear you fans. Have fun and happy. like for you.

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