Thai street food Miang Khum #shorts

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14 Replies to “Thai street food Miang Khum #shorts”

  1. Ap Pan

    😅😂 this street food is the first thing I look for every time I visit Thailand 😋
    This type of street food is a must try, very traditional Thai 🇹🇭

  2. A SAP

    I love these but don’t like the shrimp they put in some of these. Wish I was there to get some. 😋 I find it difficult to find them just anywhere in Chiang Mai; other than the street market. I make my own at home… It is nice of you to share this delicious snack of Thailand with the world!

  3. Charless B. Ali

    I know the food is good but what about the germs on the money and making the food with the same hands. It is only something to think about

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