Learn Thai is Fun" EP3 : Thai Smiles

“สวัสดีค่ะ” Hello guys, welcome back to “Learn Thai Channel”

Have you heard about 13 smiles before? I never heard before hahaha. So, let’s check together.

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If you love Thailand and want to learn Thai language, here’s the right place for you.

Disclaimer: My English language is not perfect but I am really keen to give you the best I can.

Hope you enjoy!!

9 Replies to “Learn Thai is Fun" EP3 : Thai Smiles”

  1. snxkegxd

    Crying over spilt milk is an idiom in English where it means, when you spill milk on the floor, its wasted/gone already, so there is no use crying over it. What is done, is done. (Also ,thank you p'lin for making this video for us!!

  2. Jay

    Lin 🌸, your 10 versions of different types of smiling expressions were awesome😍🙃😄😁😏😆☺️😅🤠😎 and well done ✅. Thank you for sharing and answering my question about the Thailand of 😁. 💕

  3. Ami Que

    You are absolutely my 2nd favorite person on this planet. You make me laugh to tears! But, at the same time you're so informative. Do love your angry little self. Thank you for this! 😘❤️🙏🏼

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