Thailand Tourism Update 2021 – Complete Reopening Without Quarantine

Thailand Tourism Update 2021: Complete Reopening Without Quarantine?
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Finally, Thailand is taking big, positive steps towards reopening the entire kingdom – the moment millions of travelers, expats, digital nomads, entrepreneurs and investors have been waiting for.

Too much happened over the past 18 months. COVID had a devastating impact on SE Asia.

Thailand’s economy took a big hit. Now that the country has taken massive actions towards vaccinating its people and putting measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the kingdom is about to reopen the entire country inviting people from all over the world to enter the country without having to undergo a mandatory quarantine.

The grand reopening of Bangkok’s capital is scheduled for mid October. Tourist attractions including entertainment need to be fully operational before tourists arrive in mid October.

Indoor dining is capped at 50% and outdoor dinning is capped at 75% capacity.

Massage parlors are allowed to provide foot massage services only.

The visa situation has changed as well. You get a 45 day tourist visa on arrival and can extend your stay for another 60 days at a local immigration office.

Thai Elite and Smart Visa programs are available to those looking to reside in Thailand for the mid to long term.

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25 Replies to “Thailand Tourism Update 2021 – Complete Reopening Without Quarantine”

  1. altaf5035

    I’m fully vaccinated and want to visit Bangkok and Phuket from late December – mid January. Do you think all these restrictions and sandbox rules will be lifted by then? Seems like people are getting vaccinated at a pretty quick rate right now according to the stats online.

  2. bEssenz

    You definitely seem to be well informed😁. Please do a video for us who prefer not to vax. Looking to spend time and money in a nice country with strong civic rights too….

  3. Burnhearts World

    I am in Thailand right now and all the required documents to get into Thailand were a huge hassle. I wonder when Thailand will stop requiring the COE and all the other docs and go back to just a passport

  4. Miyazuzu

    Thailand used to be, and may still be, known for its inexpensive but high quality medical care for foreigners, that I presume include dental work. Is there a medical care visa available?


    Nonsense. 90 % of Farang tourists will not be going on any sort of holiday to the other side of the planet for a few years. 2025 is the earliest sanity and normality will start to return. Things will get worse before they get better.

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