Is Thailand Travel Possible TODAY? (Entire Process Detailed)

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Time to head back to Thailand, my favorite country in the world. Time to eat some delicious Thai Food, enjoy those epic Thai Beaches, and fire up the next chapter of Retired Working For You! Only one thing….I gotta get there first and I’m a half a world away.
What is it like to travel across international borders during COVID? Well, find out in this video as we travel from Toronto, Canada through Hong Kong and finally into Thailand where I’ll enter the Phuket Sandbox. I will show you every step of the way, from the crazy paperwork that you need to fill out to enter Thailand these days to get a Certificate of Entry (COE), to the meal options at 4am in the Hong Kong Airport. Man, I long for the days where it’s as easy as booking your ticket, grabbing your passport and heading to the Airport.

Here are some Google Map Pins, as promised in the video:
Where to Apply to Thailand COE:
Where to Book COVID Tests in Thailand:
Pearson Airport:
Hong Kong Airport:
Phuket Airport:
The Pavilions Phuket:
Safety Wing Nomad Insurance:
Breathe Easy COVID Test Centre in Toronto:

To shop around for Phuket SHA+ Hotels, or stay up to the minute on things there, use these newly created websites:
All sandbox hotels:

Updated Phuket sandbox requirements:

Video Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
1:59 How To Apply For COE
5:34 Toronto Airport
7:24 Toronto to Hong Kong
9:27 Hong Kong Airport
14:05 Hong Kong to Phuket
14:56 Phuket Sandbox Arrival
19:55 Checking into The Pavilions
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44 Replies to “Is Thailand Travel Possible TODAY? (Entire Process Detailed)”

  1. อนพัช Yibyok

    สุดยอดเลย ตอนออกมาจากสนามบิน ผมดูแล้วน้ำตาใหลแทนเลย

  2. Alain Pfaeffli

    I arrived in bkk in august, found a condo immediately. I will wait until i visit friends in Phuket. I have enough time to settle. Try talking thai to Emirates cabin crew was quite funny. She said mai kao chai and asked her thai coworker for assistance. I had a question about immigration documents. The thai lady said i don’t know either. Ask the Airport staff after arrival. Immigration just smiled and said mai pen rai, the vida stamps should be updated. Just ignore the Visa number i didn’t find. 14 days ASQ were not as painful as I thought

  3. Snow prince

    Welcome to second home of you Mr Chris Parker and Mrs Hayley . I prepare the exotic gift box for you and Heyley on next month(October).waiting for the special gift from Northeast of Thailand .

  4. David Pollock

    Hello my name is David from Canada I am planning to come to Chiang Mai in November to see my girlfriend and was wondering if you know if it is going to open up as a sandbox program or not.
    Glad to see you made it back.
    Thank you in advance

  5. Paul Rogers

    Great video Mr CJ Parker. Great to see and hear about the process and I am not jealous of you being back at the Pavilions. Can't wait to see where you end up going after your 2 weeks in Phuket.

  6. yu yu

    ประเทศไทย ยินดีต้อนรับ นักท่องเท่ียวทุกสัญชาติ ขอให้เที่ยวอย่างมีความสุข ครับ และยินดีต้อนรับ คุณคริสและภรรยา กลับมาเท่ียวเมืองไทย อีกครั้ง ขอบคุณครับ

  7. vadermike777

    Fabulous video! one of your best yet. I love how you show the process and hurdles we need to go through. I have been to Thailand 3 times, I cant wait to go back! I am also from the Toronto area. Just curious, who did you fly with? And how much was the flight?

  8. Jacob Johnson

    A proof of vaccination and a negative covid test. Now how does that make any sense? Instead of traveling you should be fighting for your fucking freedom!!!!!

    You make me sick!!!

  9. Chaiwat Wongwanich

    I watched your channel since last rainy season in thailand, at that time you have only 19,000subs.It's unbelivable you have got now neary ten times subs.

  10. Vincent Santa

    👍 Great you made it! Do you think travel restrictions will ease up in the future? What you went through I dont think I could do this process! I l think I'll wait some to see what happens in 2022. Hopefully things will get easier to travel to Thailand 🇹🇭 🙏

  11. Kelly Sychamp

    Thank you for sharing Chris. I'm still waiting to go, since I work from home I can now travel to Thailand for at least couple of months. Question for you…Is a VPN the only thing I need to work from Thailand for a U.S. company or do I need to do more then just getting a VPN? And what VPN service would you recommend? First time doing this so if any one have any information please share 😁 would greatly appreciated. The only thing is while doing quarantine will bored me to death when traveling solo. Anyway glad you and your family made it safe back to Thailand and thank you again for sharing the process.

  12. Bob Wells

    Great video thank you Chris.. I'm glad you made it back! My question is how expensive is the Pavilion for 2 weeks? My problem is I own a condo in Phuket so have a real problem spending money on a quarentine hotel. 🤷🙏😎🌞🌅⭐

  13. Phil Roberts

    Superb video. I have wondered for months what it must really be like arriving under the sandbox, and couldn't have asked for a more detailed and informative video to answer all my questions. Thanks!

  14. Milton Drageset

    great info as always Chris. stoked you and Haley were able to get back to thailand. Heading out mid october for a month. thanks for the inspiration.

  15. cliff hudson

    Hey Chris ,, Thank you so much for posting this video . I have been watching your channel for months, but this one is extremely re assuring for me as i am travelling from Ottawa to Phuket December 1STish. will probably hit that same Tim Hortons you did on the way out LOL 🙂 Lets wish Terry safe travels as well LOL

  16. Michael James

    This Canuck loved the Zamboni reference & Stompin' Tom tune. There must be a bar or two in Bangkok that has Canadian NHL games on throughout the season?

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