Phuket Sandbox – How can you Travel to Thailand Now

Gone are the days when you just hopped on a plane flew to Thailand then found a nice budget place to stay close to the beach and had a relaxing holiday. Now it’s a little more complicated, but if you want to go here is what you need to know for the Phuket Sandbox scheme in Thailand.

It’s another crazy day in the travel world and this video explains how to go to Thailand without a quarantine via the Phuket Sandbox plan.

Link to Certificate of Entry (COE):

List of eligible countries to travel from:

Safety and Health Administration (SHA) of Thailand:

So apart from all the extra hoops to jump through you can now have a fairly normal holiday by going to Phuket, but bear in mind bars, clubs and nightclubs are still closed and consumption of alcohol is only permitted in your own homes or rooms, and this is an experimental opening up of Thailand which they hope will lead to more visitors and they can use as a template to open up more areas of the country.

You can also find more details about travelling to Thailand on my website:

14 Replies to “Phuket Sandbox – How can you Travel to Thailand Now”

  1. Keith S. Heather

    Is it really worth it ?! 🤔 Just imagine you somehow get back a positive test and then you gonna be thrown into some hospital like a Maniac then you'll have to chase the insurance company to pay your big fat Falang bill that they will surely prepare spacial for you 😏 guys, Thailand open they border not because they like us. It's for the MONEY 🤑 watch out.

  2. steve bridgman

    Great advice for all, but I really think with the island now closed for entry by land and the Covid cases in Phuket rising daily the sandbox scheme will be put on hold. Already the 7 + 7 ( 7 days in Phuket and then travel to another approved province ) has been canceled!! I really cannot understand people wanting to go through all of this and spend a lot of money for the privilege to come come to a semi closed country. But hey each to their own. I wish everyone traveling here the best time but please get ready to be very disappointed. Living here for 8 years now I feel that I can give my views on this subject. Good luck everyone.

  3. Mark Carr

    I'll be going to bali or Thailand. But the world seems to have turned into North Korea so I can't see it happening for another year

    Great information again Simon 👍

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