For my 40th birthday I went to Thailand for 10 days. It was so amazing. I wasn’t sure if I was going to share this video given everything that is going on. But who cares, I took all this video so you all could experience this trip with me so now I am sharing it with you. Enjoy!

Watch Part 1 of my birthday trip –

Hotel Indigo Patong Beach – 2 Double Bed Room
Renaissance Resort & Spa May Khao – Oceanview Pool Villa

Things We Did & Recommend (not all seen in video):
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Phi Phi Island Private Longboat Tour (Booked via Klook)
Central Phuket Mall
Bangla Walking Road
Prime Burger

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  1. Kenyatta M.

    I guess you can add travel agent/tour guide your repertoire😄! This is absolutely gorgeous and (travel) inspiring. This is how you bring in your 40th!! ❤️

  2. Carolyn Young

    This is definitely a bucket trip of mine. I would love to see a video on how you planned this trip, your excursions, experiences etc. I’m vegan too and wonder if you had issues finding food in Phuket? Also was your desserts vegan?

  3. Demethia McVea

    Beautiful ~ simply Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with all of us! I just love all of it! 🥰 Peace and Blessings ~ Love and Light 🌻

  4. Shyneice Gaddis

    Sucks that people in our own country are so cruel have to go some where else to feel
    Like royalty 😩 I'm so glad you got the ultimate treatment on your birthday 🎁 🙌🏽😍

  5. Lisa Battle

    sooooooo I've been binge watching and enjoying the content this was awesome, I try to tell my daughters doing what you love to do taking care of yourself mentally physically, and spiritually shows itself in the end in october I will be 43 my oldest daughter is 24 my baby is 18 and I have 2 grands that being said girllllll I'm bragging for the both of us you look great I can tell you love your health wealth and prosperity honey so many of my clients be like nahhhhhh 42 where????? Happy belated bday welcome to the 40 club its outta sight!!!!

  6. Skilly Knight

    Had too pause the video and say…I was smiling and so happy that you were able to have such a beautiful 40th birthday. Especially before the whole lockdown….Thanks for sharing.

  7. Secilia Feliz

    Happy Belated Ms. NIK! Binging on your videos! You do not look a day over 30! Got them good genes! This was an amazing vlog to watch and those hotels! Thank you for including us on your special day! XoXo

  8. Jamie In Transit

    Love your editing style! Oh and belated happy bday! Not too sure whenyou celebrated it. thanks for sharing your birthday adventures! Went to Phuket about six years ago and had the best time! Hoping to go back soon… when this all blows over 🙂

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