Thailand Welcomes QUARANTINE-FREE Visitors

Thailand will end mandatory quarantine for fully-vaccinated tourists travelling by air from countries deemed ‘low risk’ from November 1. Mandatory quarantine requirement will end for at least 27 countries including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, China and the United States. The country has been recording more than 10,000 positive infections daily since July 2021.

The Thai baht rallied the most since August as an easing of travel requirements for vaccinated visitors brightened the outlook for the tourist-reliant economy. Thailand is pushing ahead with a “living with Covid” strategy after foreign tourist arrivals plunged to 70,000 in the first eight months of this year.

Thailand will look to impose a tourism fee next year, intended to subsidize tourism-related projects. By introducing a fee for all international visitors of 500 baht (around £11/$15), the Thai government wants to move away from cheap resort tourism and invest in more environmentally sound options. Tourism operators have raised concerns about the 500 baht fee to be collected from foreign tourists next year. There should be transparency about how and where the funds will be used to improve the industry. Analysts said that although foreign arrivals may not increase quickly, domestic activity would be boosted.

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29 Replies to “Thailand Welcomes QUARANTINE-FREE Visitors”

  1. Mel F

    thailand is more worried about income than their country of 70 million residents health and also not caring about travellers health because they have to have ridiculous health care packages costing so much it is not worth travelling with so many restrictions, its all about the money

  2. A. S

    When the £ is = 50baht or more & all restrictions r lifted then only they’ll receive n avalanche of fresh walking thousand baht notes …but don’t c that happening anytime soon

  3. Captain Saveaho

    COVID insurance $$$,$$$ Mountains of useless paperwork, Mask rules enforced outside, PCR test before and after arrival, Many places still closed or reduced hours, alcohol bans, some places still off limits…WOW…yeah…I see everyone in 2023.

  4. Daryl

    Thailand is still considered a h9gh risk country by the west. The PM wants to change Thailand to be a HI SO country and no interest in luring the middle class that was the majority of its tourism success. F*** the PM and the government..

  5. V

    I'm struggling to find the information I need. If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be very grateful..

    If you haven't been vaccinated, what is going to be the procedure for entry into Thailand from November and moving forward? I know nothing is set in stone but I see quarantine is being lifted completely for fully vaxxed tourists but I see no update for unvaxxed.

    I'm from the UK, in the best shape of my life both physically and mentally, haven't had a single bout of sickness in the last 3 years nevermind the last 18 months, none of my family who I visit regularly have been sick and nobody has tested positive or passed anything onto each other. As far as I'm concerned, I don't need the vax and I'm willing to do a short quarantine with testing etc. In other words, I'll jump through whatever hoops I must (within reason) to avoid unnecessarily risking my health. Please don't take this as me trying to start an argument about the vax, because I'm not. I was told it isn't mandatory and I know my rights, I choose not to have it based on the fact that there has been no long term studies conducted. My health is extremely important to me and I've witnessed some people having side effects that are being dismissed by their GP's, which I see as wrong.

  6. Forever Young

    Glad they finally got their wit back with no quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers from low-risk countries. Sadly, their new $15 tourist tax is another grift, that is shameful…. however much less costly than the 14 days quarantine at a corrupt government sponsored hotel.

  7. Crzy Travelz

    vaccine help nothing, many countries 80%+ fully vaccinated but pandemic gets just worse….same my country before vaccine roll out we were fine now when all vaccine we fked too…its a joke u still make others sick when vacccinated…u make things just worse cos u have less sht to care about when u vaccinated

  8. Sir 2k6

    Why the heck wouldnt CANADA be on this list of nations allowed into Thailand Quarantine free? 85% of Canadians are FULLY Vaccinated, hmm not big enough market maybe. BS

  9. Apolo Estrada

    Thanks for the information, I shall see after Nov 1st, hopefully none of those farangs will get trick after PCR-test upon arrival & instead of waiting on the results, later on get screwed into quarantine.

  10. design westland

    Things will never be the same. …The changing strategy part… I don't know, imagine Mercedes deciding to stop making cars and manufactured bicycles instead… Might work,.. or not. Sounds risky to me to change a recipe that worked so well. Reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park actually. Just exchange "Jurassic Park" for "Thailand 2021" in the conversation and it will work somewhat.

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