Thailand reopening No Quarantine 1 Nov COE rejection#sawasdeethailand #thailandreopen

Thailand No quarantine for Tourist 46 countries,
Thai Government has officially announced new rules for tourist to enter Thailand from 01 Nov,
There are 3 categories :
1) No quarantine – for Fully Vaccinated and eligile for 46 countries who can enter Thailand without quarantine
**Insurance require now cover 50,000 USD
** Hotel 1 nights SHA Plus/ AQ hotel
** RT PCR test 1 time at the airport
** RT PCR test 72 hrs before departure

Check Eliglible country :

Check our 1 nights No quarantine package

2: Sandbox Programs: for vaccinated tourist who willing to enter Thailand with sandbox scheme
Currently there are Phuket sandbox, Samui sandbox ect.
For sandbox it still using current model

3: AL 10 days quarantine for Unvaccinated

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Visa Department

Visa Extension

COE How to do COE

Visa /COE assistance
what app +66 62 475 5688

Coming to Thailand =one stop service

34 Replies to “Thailand reopening No Quarantine 1 Nov COE rejection#sawasdeethailand #thailandreopen”

  1. Natashaa

    Hello all, my COE form is approved, but now one of my flights has changed. Will this affect the COE form, as now one of the flight codes will be different. Anyone had any experience of this? Thanks 🙂

  2. yogi yogi

    in your next video can you post options in bkk for the one night quarantine including pcr test and airport transfer after nov 1. should i give it a few days as the hotels are preparing packages as we speak?

  3. yogi yogi

    great video!!!! how about hotel options for the one night quarantine in bkk. i think i can stay in a sha plus or aq hotel for one night. i dont see many one night packages on line. should i give it a day? also very few sha plus hotels exist in bkk. are the sha plus hotels gonna be able to do a pcr test just like aq hotel can. finally i thought after nov 1 only one pcr test is required after landing. u are saying two ?

  4. Max T

    Hello i need your help I wanted to do the CoE to be safe, but I'm rejected.
    i have all the documents. Bookings, tickets, certificates. but i'm refused.
    on the 5th i will fly from munich to frankfurt then directly to phuket with thai airways. how can i do that with the thailand pass in such a short time when the release date is november 1st?
    Can you give me a hint? even the german thai embassy cannot be reached? Panic, but I think I speak for a lot more people in this situation

  5. Vincent Santa

    Can I use my 🇺🇸 USA insurance to enter Thailand, it covers 50 thousand usa for covid.Or do I have to purchase Thailand insurance. I plan on entering in January. I am fully vaccinated.

  6. The Dude

    For Quarantine Exempt scheme to enter Phuket, how do we pay for the test? I contacted a Sha+ Hotel and they said they don't know yet if the test payment can be included in the reservation.

  7. Dave's knife sharpening system

    Enter thailand and go to phuket or go to quarantine i dont think many people will be going to thailand especially when there covid is around 10,000 a day

  8. harry mcfadden

    It was failed to mention the sand box is for the remainder countries not the 46 countries.
    I will fly to Phuket next time and will only expect one test and move to any hotel I like after day 1

  9. Shiv Anandh

    Thank you for the comprehensive video. I just need clarity on one point.

    To give the PCR test upon arrival in Thailand.

    1. Is there an option to do the PCR test at the Suvarnabhumi Airport itself so that I can get the negative result within an hour or so
    2. Do the PCR test at the Suvarnabhumi Airport go to the hotel to receive the results there
    3. Do I need to clear the airport reach the hotel and then book a PCR test appointment and get it done near the hotel?

    Please suggest.

  10. RJ

    Sawasdee Krab and Thank you for your video. Can I ask you if you have any info about what the policy will be for tourists who come to Bkk and then decide to go to other places like Phuket or CM. Do they need to do PCR tests again every time they fly domestically ?

    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  11. nvs 28

    UK 94% Vaccinated 💉🩸 & had BIG CROWDS @ Wimbledon + Euro 2020. Now RECORD HIGH of DAILY 50,000 Cases in UK 💥💣💥 Vaccination is USELESS ❌❌

  12. M158

    Thank you so much for your COMPREHENSIVE review of the new regulations. 2 questions on the basis I have both vaccines..

    1. If my current travel insurance has covid cover for $50,000, do I need to buy the Thailand insurance
    2. One night in hotel – are we held in our bedroom or are we allowed to use hotel facilities, such as restuarent?

    Thank you do much, look forward to hearing from you

  13. Erik Janse

    After you have tested negative from your one day stay in a SHA Plus hotel, I understood that currently not all provinces in Thailand are open for travelling. Is whole Rayong open for travelling or only Koh Samed?

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