This video is a look at Nana, Soi 4 today! Bars are getting ready to reopen, some are already open, trading as restaurants. Bangkok Nightlife is returning FINALLY! Take a look at the activity in Nana and around Nana Plaza as places are getting ready to open in one week’s time (?) This is an exciting time for Nightlife here in Thailand!

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  1. Larry Reich

    I think you are whistling through a graveyard. Everyone wants the best for Thailand. But be realistic, people from China, Russia, India, Australia, Northern Europe and the USA are not traveling internationally in any volume. If 50,000 people a week visit Thailand that is probably less then 10% of what the tourist traffic was in 2019. And with 70% of people in Bangkok vaccinated (I don’t believe those are full vaccinations), that’s is no guarantee there won’t be another lockdown due to the stealth like spread of the Delta virus. Be cautious, we are looking at another six months before people feel comfortable to travel internationally. The fact that six airlines have given up their slots at Bangkok’s two airports tells you the airlines don’t expect business to return any time soon. It’s great that some of the restrictions are being lifted, but don’t count your tourists before they land. Everyone wants to return to Thailand, but the risk levels for international travelers is still high.

  2. Mickey Foster

    first time in Bangkok my and our two kids stayed at the landmark around the corner from Nana what an eye opener for us all that was back in 2004 now the kids are older its just me and the wife we always stay either at the jw Marriott or the landmark and still love it the buzz of soi 4 is amazing as is Bangkok

  3. Michael Banfield

    Amazing! I'm currently planning my December-March travels so this is good to see. I will be working remotely so will still be on a M-F schedule of sorts, but super excited to be back in South East Asia!


    Thanks Adam for the update. You are doing a great work.really. This last video made me smile again.
    November… we come. SHALOM FROM ISRAEL. wish you all the best.

  5. Brad Hewitt

    I have been walking around Amsterdam for the last 2 weeks. This is my first time being in Europe, and it's always a learning experience. I was for the most part prepared, the only real inconvenience (until fixed) was the use of my debit card. Random friends, random nights out…and the coffee shops. LOL

  6. J R

    Think you're a little too optimistic. In addition, the infection is increasing in countries that have many tourists to Thailand (UK, Russia ++)

  7. cihan yaralioglu

    I use to go to thailand and pattaya because it's was freedom like no other and was nice to get away from rules I grew up with here in England..thats what attracted people there. Now…. rather stay in England now.

  8. Michael B

    The Hilliary bar being worked on was sold to the Stumble Inn group just prior to the "situation" kicking off. (However, the Hilliary group are building a new place at the corner of soi 5 & Sukhumvit. And have plans for more I am led to believe.)

  9. Clive Hadley

    When I come over in January can you recommend a area and hotel to spend about 7 nights in Bangkok, before I fly home I’m in Thailand 🇹🇭 for a month but I’ve never been to Bangkok cheers AJ 🙏🙏🙏👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  10. Joe Giccominato

    Keis 1 awesome video mate keep em coming . I Think it will take some time for people to get out and about and being like it used to be, however I think in the next month or 2 it will get a lot better and more and more places will defiantly open up. NYE is going to be massive especially now that Thailand is speeding up the vaccine rate. good to see the vibe and atmosphere is starting to come back. Melbourne will be fully open in 2-3 weeks and have no restrictions just an fyi.

    Please like and sub to the channel people its an awesome page. 👍🔔

  11. Terry Sañdlant

    The old Nana Hotel,brings back some great memories.It had the biggest beds I slept in. Nana disco down stairs was something anyone going to BKK had to experience,.You had to brush the girls away,walk in & It was like fly's on a country dunny LOL

  12. TheUndertakerVII

    Man….I never thought about going to Thailand. You have really sold it these past couple months man I'm honestly thinking about it.

    Great shots btw

  13. Jay Hon

    I was in nana for Songkran one year. 2015 or so. In the morning was sitting in a Hillary bar. It was probably before noon. Met two Aussie guys. Their first time in Bangkok. And they were saying it felt pretty boring. I told them to stick around. I wound up knocking around Bangkok with them for probably 12 hours. It was a crazy fun time. Tons of stuff I'd rather not post here. But I did get them to eat street food. They LOVED those sausages with the Thai spices and I think rice inside. And they thanked me tons. They said they would never had tried food ok the street if I hadn't pushed them into it. They swore in the early day they were not there for the girls. But…needless to say…things changed somewhere around Soi Cowboy that afternoon. I've also spent Songkran other places different years. Chiang Mai. HuaHin. Udon Thani. All different vibes. I realize I wrote a bunch of very short sentences. I was on my phone.

  14. Ian In NZ

    Looking good hopefully no more lockdowns!! That bank machine brings back memories lol! Also i had the best time their when i WAS their before the pandemic. I had 4 girls on my lap once in one of the big bars in nana plaza. lol The lady boys also came towards me as walking up the stairs and I walked away lol. Also one night i was to warned out to come out and have fun but i was buggered hahaha! So my mate went out instead and got some! 😛 I made a girl cry because I wasn't there lol!!!!

  15. maccastime

    Thanks for another nice vlog Adam of Nana. My first visit there was 2000 we stayed in the Nana hotel,great location but? Rooms were old no balcony,a bloody flea pit. Plaza was great so much to choose from,or a Tuk Tuk ride to Cowboy,great fun must check it out again,hey a vlog without food Adam? Lol. Take care

  16. Scott Thompson

    Because I know you love great, cheap Thai food…
    Right about where you're standing, on the curb by Big Dogs, there used to be a Gyro cart. Imagine Thai spiced Gyros!!!! OMG, they were the best!
    + pro tip: Nana Plaza Hotel has great beds & great air cons!🍺🍺

  17. Rodbayne Silvians

    Hello my friend, I'm from South America – Brazil, in 2019 there were wonderful days on this street, I was on vacation in Thailand, I'll be back soon to Thailand

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