9 Great Travel Tips for Visiting Bangkok

Headed to Thailand or anywhere else in South East Asia? There’s a good chance you’ll be spending at least a few days in the wild city of Bangkok. Matt Owen gives you his tips on how to have an epic time in this amazing and crazy town.

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In this Video:

Blanket & Bean Inn (Soi 4 off Sukhumvit)
Lebua at State Tower (Silom)

Thip Samai (Near Golden Mount)
Joke Prince (Charoen Krung Road)
Boonsup (Charoen Krung Road)

Sky Bar at Lebua (Silom)
Maggie Choo’s (Silom)

Patpong Night Market
Nana Plaza

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Amphawa Floating Market

Wat Pho
Grand Palace
Wait Traimit
Golden Mount
Wat Arun

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37 Replies to “9 Great Travel Tips for Visiting Bangkok”

  1. Andrew Stones

    Wow this is maybe the best Bangkok tourist video guide I have seen, I learned a thing or two and I have been to Bangkok many many times. Great choices of food recommendations and hotel, I have stayed at the Dynasty many times on Sukhumvit Soi 4 and many of the other hotels in that area. I too did not like Bangkok on my first visits, but it grows on you. Scams are everywhere that you have tourists, just be careful and if something looks too good to be true then it probably is. I'd add an important tip if you are going to bars around Silom in particular or Nana, pay for drinks as you get them and do not run up a bar tab. Having said that, if you are sensible Bangkok is one of the safer places to travel.

  2. nilsrbenjamin

    I can't believe they're still playing ping pong. I thought by now they would have gotten bored and moved on to another sport. Like… maybe handball ? Racquetball ? or maybe golf would be easier ? Maybe Ping Pong is just the best sport to get into as a beginner. Also very inexpensive, especially if you don't need a racquet ?

  3. Richard Leibov

    Entertaining and informative review, thank you. your advice to pay taxis by meter is great, our first meter taxied offered to charge us 150, we insisted on meter and it only cost us 57 🙄. You followed your advice to go to Thipsamai and it was great. We went to yaowart road looking for food, from weren't sure where to go exactly?? Maybe you should suggest an address or a cross street where best to go.

  4. Joseph Beram

    Here are the only things you need to know about Thailand. Be polite to everyone because they will be polite to you initially. Don't get into any verbal altercations with anybody because they try to rip you off. Stay away from whorehouses and ladyboys. Do not attempt to buy drugs and certainly do not do drugs in Thailand because you are insulting the king of Thailand when you break these very important laws of the country. Eat a lot of delicious food. Swim at the beautiful beaches. Negotiate with your Tuk Tuk driver. Have a great trip. Oh also do not leave your passport with anybody especially motorbike rental companies or jet ski companies. The last thing that you must remember that's very important is if you have any type of dispute with a Thai National you will always lose that dispute no matter what you do and if you call the police it will only be worse for you because in a lot of cases they are in on the scam. Be safe and show reverence to the king of Thailand.

  5. jay etheredge

    Great video, but I just want to nitpick a little.. You need to diferentiate the difference between patpong and Nana. Huge difference, and Nana for sure has lady boys but its for sure not the standard.
    Also, Highly reccomend Titanium bar on soy 22, and right around the corner (titanium bar is very near sukhumvit) is "Otto bar". Titanium bar has an awesome all girl cover band called "unicorn" and Otto bar has a little metal/rock cover band thats awesome. Titanium bar is a bit more upper class, and Otto bar is a typical open to the outside down and dirty bar. Usually hit Titanium first, and then Otto bar. Also, recomend people taking the trip to Kanchanaburi by car (usually $50 one way) to see the 7 waterfalls. Hotels are like $30-$50 per night there and can organize a private car to take you to the falls. Lots of walking but unreal… Then they can do the phuket, or phi phi islands.. Samui, or koh tao.

  6. ThewayICit

    If you take a motorbike taxi, you are very unwise. If you take one without a helmet or a decent helmet, you are stupid and suicidal. The guys that drive these things are not known for their safety consciousness. Please don't come to Thailand to die.

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