PATTAYA to BANGKOK – Thailand Travel vlog

Today’s travel vlog picks up from the morning after our Pattaya party with Thai girls vid. Feeling a little worse for wear in the morning, we check out of the Pattaya house and head back to Bangkok. We stop For an amazing Hot Pot lunch and get back on the road. In Bangkok, I meet Dan the Man and show a little behind the scenes what goes into setting up to do one of our livestreams.

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34 Replies to “PATTAYA to BANGKOK – Thailand Travel vlog”

  1. johnny Heineken

    Good morning my YouTube friend 🙏 as promised a little update from samui….chaweng is close to being dead I'm afraid the only lively part of the island is bophut fisherman village at this time. For me as a non alcohol non party guy it is the best experience as there are empty beaches for me and my girlfriend all around the island🤗 I think next month will be better without the quarantaine and all. Restaurants are open widely though so good food and many bargains on hotels. Stay safe and healthy my YouTube friend 🙏

  2. Daniel C

    Oh wow, I've never seen hotpot in Thailand. I'm actually going to Bangkok in December for about a month if you would like to meet up for a meal. Do you think flying to Bangkok in December is an ok move because it should open up by then, or do you think I should start in Phuket to be safe? I'm from the U.S!

  3. Ham Noy, the Dutch guy

    The hangover wasn't to bad Adam as far as we could see 😉
    But whatsup with the sunglassen??? Does he sell those 🤔
    The hotpot food was huge, but i gues pretty solid though 👊
    C Ya in tye next one buddy, tmrw 🙏
    And congrats on the 11k 🥳🎉🎊🍻🍻🍻

  4. Nomadic Danny

    Cool. Love Hai Di Lao! – Got them everywhere in Beijing! – Ironically I went to one in central London a couple of weeks ago and the prices were just shocking! Like £100 for 2 people – So cool they've got one in Central Festival – Will definitely check it out when I'm there in November 😊👍 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Vk Travel log

    Great channel. Would be nice if you have one on preparations before and after arriving into Thailand! Looks like the channel is exploding was only 10,600 subs yesterday and today 11k!

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